US Senator’s Bill Proposes Ban On Loot Boxes And Egregious Microtransactions

I told them! I warned them! I said stuff like this would happen, didn’t I?

While I wouldn’t put money on this bill passes, The Protecting Children from Abusive Games Act nonetheless demonstrates clear legislative interest in videogame monetization.

This is a very intriguing step in the continued battle over gambling mechanics and aggressive in-game microtransactions.

It’s exactly the kind of interest I said was coming, and at this point I cannot bring myself to sympathize with an industry that will now spend time and money fighting this bill. Screw ’em.


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  1. In germany a paper shown up for new regulations about loot boxes. It says that loot boxes are gambling and need a new regulation, included microtransactions as a whole.

    The regulation isn’t out there it now needs to been approved by the regulators. I don’t know the english word for “Gesetzes Entwurfs”. Hopefully it will be written in stone…but regulation for the new media will take in germany years….

  2. These corporation brought regulations upon themselves.

    Consumers have been complaining about being ripped off for years, they failed to regulate themselves and have also being paying their CEO lofty rewards at the expense of laying off thousands of jobs.

    Apologists and shills are not going to help.

  3. Using the Sonic 2 Casino Night Zone theme as background music for a video about loot boxes and microtransactions… Well played, Sterling. Well played.

  4. I don’t often say a Republican has done something right, but Senator Josh Hawley has done something right. I fully recognize this won’t go anywhere with EA and Activision lobbying against, but it’s good to see someone outside of Progressives putting forth “no sht Sherlock” policy ideas.

  5. For the sake of game quality…do it! Please pass the bill.I can’t remember any game that I really liked with MTX much less loot boxes.

  6. Atkinson worldwide Kaylum

    Ok so i paid £60 for a game
    ME: time to play

    EA: no pay wall first then Micro transactions then we want money

    ME: the government will find out

    EA: help

    ME: I told you so?‍♂️

  7. Can’t wait to see EA bitching and moaning about the senator’s interpretation of the law and how they’re just trying to give oPtIoNs To ThEiR cUsToMeRs

  8. someone who would dare to say lootboxes are artistic expression is not worth anyone’s time, including their own.

  9. I hope EA has a sense of pride and accomplishment for what they’ve done to the industry…

  10. *loot boxes getting banned in USA*
    Activision and EA: NO GOD PLEASE NO


  12. (claps) Oh my goodness. We have finally gotten the hero we needed, but not deserved. It’s beautiful.

  13. I don´t remember seeing a game with ingame parental controls recently..

  14. Sleepwalking Writer

    Andrew Wilson: “we’re for the players.”
    US Law: “your account (Electronic Arts) has been banned indefinitely for Economy Exploitation.”

    You’ve been Anthem’d.

  15. you think Kotik, Wilson & Co give a shit? they can wipe their tears with literal billions of $ they got out of it 😀
    who cares about a couple of studios that went down (and a couple more on the way there) and the whole
    3A market becoming a poisonous swamp. Not like these companies will “go back to their roots” and employ
    gamer enthusiasts as CEO ^_^

  16. silverdragon122

    But Jim. How will Bobby Kotick afford his 30th yacht if lootboxes are regulated? Everyone knows 30 is the lucky number! He needs it!

  17. More like “Numerous countries are getting paid their share of the horrible gambling mechanics the unregulated industry has been perfecting for the past 12 years”
    Absolutely disgusting man, keep fighting Jim, a fight worth doing!

  18. Australia released a study confirming loot boxes are gambling so they are lying.

  19. The ESA also sided with big Hollywood against Net Neutrality. They’ve already shown their true colors.

  20. Just wait. EA and Activision are gonna lobby so hard, it would make NRA and pharma lobbyists look like 2nd graders.

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