Update on Cleveland Manhunt

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  1. he is going To Go Out Shooting At Cops

  2. when is the next livestream

  3. you guys rock listened most of the night only real news reporting on this. Thank you and keep up the good work

  4. Thanks you guys for covering this and looking into things

  5. When will the next livestream take place, this gives you more truth than the actual news !! ????

  6. I gotta alot of ideas on whats going on

  7. I kept hearing names on the Cleveland scanner last night that fit the phonetic scheme of a double name, like Phyllis Phillips at 2:53:52 and Robert Roberts at 2:58:00 – I am sure I heard Tom Thomas and Pete Peterson as well, but cannot find them this morning.

  8. Wait if he’s homocidal and suicidal wouldn’t that mean he did kill and he killed himself which is why you can’t find him

  9. pa state troopers are in war mode 100% Pennsylvania state police have bolo high alert yes it’s true!

  10. i listen till i fell asleep great stuff!!!! thank you for the truth i need an update!!!!

  11. love your Chanel guy. keep up the honesty and integrity. this is the future of “truth”.

  12. U going back out B

  13. Sounds like they were using the Beware system from intrado

  14. Dude. wake up. lol. get back to streaming. I need something in the background

  15. NormalPotato Grantham

    “the vigilante” lol hilarious. If they were able to find you this fast then WHY is Stephens STILL at large????

  16. Damn dude you doubled your subscribers in one day! Good for you bro. I just started my channel, and I have two uploads. Please check them out!

  17. “make sure you guys subscribe” #getpaid

  18. Yeah but yet Uber had me delivering food & People ? Someone message me please….

  19. Find me on Facebook message me..

  20. Dahboo the citizens were doing their own manhunt it was all over facebook but facebook took it all down. My point in telling you this is the way the media described the shooter looks like B Rich. If people only listened to a report and didn’t see a photo they would have gunned for B Rich. The citizens that were on their own manhunt.

    Please be careful I think they were actually trying to take B out. To many people were watching. B was protected. I know it sounds way out there. But it is my opinion you guys are so out there telling the truth they want you guys out.

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