Untitled Goose Game by House House – Pre-Alpha Gameplay

It’s a lovely weekday morning in the village and you are a horrible .

A new game by the people who made , coming .


Version of ’s Minstrels created by Dan Golding

: http://househou.se/
Push Me Pull You: http://pmpygame.com/
Dan Golding: http://dangolding.com/


  1. I voted for the final name from the game be “Untitled Goose Game”

    I think it is perfect

  2. I want this game.

  3. I need to be those goose asap

  4. The Goose is Loose.

  5. The goose is loose

  6. This game is like getting the warmist hug.

  7. I need this in my life.

  8. This has to win Game Of The Year

  9. great work on this game, can’t wait to play it.

  10. Makes no sense the goose helps the guy harvest the carrots but be a dick for the rest of the video.Still looks fun though.

  11. I wonder if there’s a button to drop turds everywhere

  12. I guess I’ll train a goose to steal a copy from Gamestop.

  13. the first good video game

    the citizen kane of video games

  14. Beautiful minimalistic graphics, stunningly realistic portrayal of life as a goose.
    I must have it.

  15. I need this game.

  16. The Goose is Loose

  17. Tell me this game is coming out on Xbox, PC and Switch. Last game being Sony Exclusive kind of ruined my chances for playing it.

  18. I’ve never been so excited about geese

  19. The Goose Is Loose

  20. You had me at ‘Press X to honk’

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