Unity Has An Image Problem (The Jimquisition)

has an image problem, but who is to blame? According to at least one developer, it’s the media’s fault. Fake news!

But Unity, now linked heavily to some of the worst in the world, really doesn’t seem to care, that might be the real heart of the issue.

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  2. So we need to unite to help unity?

  3. I don’t really think people, who know a thing or two about development, have a prejudice towards Unity. Honestly, I don’t think many players care either. Some do dislike Unity just because of all the trash, but they are a minority. They are loud, but they are a minority nonetheless.

  4. You said ‘however’ but didn’t flash to a shrimp. You feeling alright, Jim?

  5. Unity is a good DE.

  6. Unity is a tool like any other it depends on how you use it if someone bends a nail while hammering you don”t blame the hammer you blame the person

  7. Unity is a tool that is neither good nor bad. People are just shitty

  8. I think Unity’s image problem isn’t to do with Unity being used to make bad games, it’s because people are dumb enough to think that Unity is a bad engine for bad games. You said it’s your obligation to note that many bad games are made with Unity, well if that is your obligation then surely it’s also your obligation to note that many good games are also made with Unity?

  9. For those who are interested in what good games are made with Unity, I’ve compiled a list of some of them:

    • Hearthstone
    • Ori and the Blind Forest
    • Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty!
    • Grow Home
    • Hand of Fate
    • Endless Legend
    • Super Mario 64 remake demo (before it was taken down)
    • Cuphead
    • Superhot
    • Firewatch
    • Broforce
    • Kerbal Space Program
    • Pillars of Eternity
    • Monument Valley
    • Affordable Space Adventures
    • Cities: Skylines
    • Temple Run 1 & 2
    • Her Story

    (I’ve probably missed many others. If you know of any more good Unity games, do let me know.)

  10. Unity is to blame for bad games as much as paper is to blame for terrible writing.

  11. I got it. We rebrand Unity into “Unisoft”, the most “iconic” of companies.

  12. Jim the physics issues usually come from the developer setting up things wrong. (specifically joints in rag dolls have been the hallmark of that) its not that unity shipped with a broken physics engine (they run on NVIDIA physx) its developer incompetence. You can see poor setup in Unreal as well. AAA & Pro indie devs know how to set up simulations properly that’s why they aren’t as present there.

  13. I have roughly zero spandex, but I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

    Not in a sexual way though. Well, maybe a little.

  14. If only there weren’t so many asset pirates. Unity should find a way to forcibly display “Unregistered Unity Asset” on the screen until it’s all paid for, kinda like what HyperCam was famous for.

  15. I think I might love Jim. If I met him I’d hug him til one of us popped.

  16. Power Man 64 - Personal

    “Problem”… I wouldn’t call it a “problem”,
    It would be a problem if unity was a game, but its not a game, it’s a game engine,

    What the gaming public thinks of the engine is completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things,

    Unity is made for game developers, and the game dev community, would really rather they only focus on that.

  17. “Mobile port”

    It only takes that two words to remove a game from my wishlist. What a great way to save money and time.

  18. Are Traps Gay?

  19. I really don’t think Unity has any guilt or responsibility in terms of people using their product to make shitty games. Its idiotic, you wouldn’t blame a camera maker for shitty movies. Even if it came with “example footage”.

    Sorry but this is wholely on the consumer and steams side to fight, not unity. This sounds like a scorched earth tactic more than actually focusing on the actual issue side. But i guess its because you can’t keep making videos repeating the same things.

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