Turns out the eldritch aliens were under the ocean all along! I guess explains all the tentacles…

Happy Outro ► https://soundcloud.com/hielia/minimusicman-crazy-la-paint


  1. Master Oogway he is

  2. dont give up mark god loves you so do adam commander of angels SOS

  3. It’s ironic how this is a let’s play of a video game and the ad I got RIGHT before the video started was saying “Stop gaming”

  4. you should really play a online game with lixian

  5. Play five nights at Jr’s

  6. Hey Markiplier can you play fnaf JR’s fanGame

  7. Pls play fnaf Jr’s!!!

  8. This is great but also play the binding of Isaac again

  9. •William_Afton•

    I love how the name of this game is “We Need to Go Deeper.” Like WHAT?

  10. Man I wish this was just a standing series they did every week! For some reason it’s a perfect storm of exciting, hilarious and crazy! Of course anything with the 4 of them playing is pretty damn good!! We need more of it!!!

  11. Hey Mark how you doing I love your videos I watch them pretty much a few times a day and right now I’m watching your Cards Against Humanity with you and the guys I’d like to see you Jack Bob Wade play joking hazard also I think one that would be really funny would be Jumanji

  12. Hey mark, wheres the toothpaste review you told us you were gonna do?????

  13. The next game you should play is fnaf jr, heard it’s a really good fan game

  14. Move to odysee Markiplier!

  15. This is random, but, there is a Chapter lll of the Faith game series coming out soon, it is still in the demo version, but whenever the developers release the full game, maybe can you eventually play it?

  16. Mark play flumpties 3 I’m not gonna ask you again

  17. More Barotrauma!

  18. a new fnaf fan game came out I think like last month it’s called JR’s played it like the concept of it you should try it out

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