UMBRELLA CORPS – Raccoon Shitty

Yeah… it’s not very good.


  1. You make the game look good lol, its a trap !

  2. Yup. That looks like Resident Evil trying to be Call of Duty.

    Collar War. Fucking Collar War. Is that the best they could come up with?

  3. Otkusi Sebe Chlen

    This is a abortion.

  4. i hate it when 3rd person games are zoomed so far in. its like they couldnt
    make up their minds on whether they wanted to do 1st person or 3rd person.

    i wont be buying this

  5. waste of money

  6. a shame to see this after the Resident Evil VII demo

  7. your only alright at this game because everyone whos good at shooters
    doesn’t play it.

  8. Spartacushion Jordan Kenney

    I’d play it if it was free

  9. Sean “DeViLzzz” DeMarco

    Graphically it looks poor. The menus, overlays, HUD … whatever … all
    look pretty plain and pathetic for what I assume is a AAA game. Also that
    blade weapon seems way overpowered. The only time it should be that
    effective is if you were to sneak up behind someone or throw it at a
    person. Now I like the idea of other things in the environment trying to
    kill you while the other team does but with how they zombies acted on
    screen it looked amateur-like and the clipping through the enemies made
    things worse. Could this game be fun? Eh maybe cuz sometimes reviews you
    think give you all you need to know but then when you try the game you are
    shocked that you enjoy it. Oh and finally this was played on console and so
    no surprise the graphics were kind of crappy. Is this on pc and has anyone
    seen what it looks like there?

  10. Just make a Mercenaries game with RE5 melee! With all the characters from
    RE4/5 and the merchant and tofu as secret characters

  11. Welcome to Racoon Shitty, may I take your order pweeese?

  12. Grand Dad’s collection of high quality rips.

  13. to be honest I don’t think it looks that bad, yet it’s overpriced, I’m not
    paying 30 to 40 dollar on this shit. if it was free sure, but I’m not
    paying for this.

  14. Sigh. This makes me depressed. I’d rather go back to Resident Evil 2 and
    play Hunk again.

  15. SlightlyNotorious

    This feels like such a cynical cash grab. Exactly what does being set in
    the Resident Evil universe add to this mediocre multiplayer shooter?

  16. Missed a chance to mention Socom 1/10

  17. “It has got heavy rain on it, not the game”

    … They adapted the movie into a game?

  18. I laughed way too hard over the title xD

  19. I genuinely thought this was a crappy steam game. Probably due to the
    camera placement.

  20. 0:00 Grand Dad’s collection of birdskulls.
    Grand Dad’s collection.
    Grand Dad’s.
    Grand Dad.

    Is this memes?

  21. I never thought I’d say this, but even though I collect Resident Evil
    games, this will be the first game in the franchise I won’t buy. That means
    a lot, since I’m one of the few people who actually enjoyed Operation
    Raccoon City ffs!^^

  22. Hey Jim, if you’re just going to show a 30FPS trailer or 30FPS gameplay
    it’d be nice if you could make your video of it also 30FPS so that it is
    easier to stream it at 720p on low speed internet connections.

  23. It’s pretty sad though – honestly I could see this being a pretty good time
    if it had more time in the oven because it just looks like a half-baked
    early access game. Make the monster AI extremely aggressive, make the ice
    pick only useful up very close, balance the weapons properly, make the
    camera not shit, up the players to at least 8 and have more modes that take
    advantage of the PVE aspect rather than relying on vanilla modes and you’ll
    have a fun little multiplayer shooter.

  24. The game is sort of DOA on PC. Think at max about 420 players or so, at
    worst just 4.

  25. “I’m trying to be a professional here!”

    *farting noises*

    Haha, I love ya Jim. Thanks for the heads up about this shitty game!

  26. I wanna see an arena game that focuses on melee combat. That is all.

  27. Instant kill with a Knife but with machine gun you require 20 bullets to
    kill someone the LOGIC lol

  28. The cynical release date when they knew it would follow on the heels of the
    Resi 7 reveal and demo…tsk. Get people in the mood then sell them this
    shit. You’d think they’d have learned about people hating this
    claustrophobic camera view after so many people needed the FOV slider put
    back into the console versions of Resi 6. I’m not usually bothered by that
    sort of thing but pre-patch 6 was unplayable for me as it gave me a
    headache in seconds.

  29. 2 awesome 4 me. Thank God for Jim Sterling!

  30. Firstname Lastname

    Wow, this looks generic as fuck. 

  31. I dunno it seems quite alright actually, could use another layer of polish
    I will admit :p

  32. This looks awful, yet I see people on Neogaf saying they enjoy it and that
    it’s fun…I just can’t see why. There are so many better multiplayer
    shooters out there, why would you ever settle for one as bad as this? The
    Resi licence means next to nothing because they’ve done nothing interesting
    with it, the level design looks poor, the camera sucks, it’s cheap looking
    and clearly a bit of a technical mess…what’s the appeal?

    Left 4 Dead multiplayer with Resi characters and playable Resi
    monsters…there. Automatically a better game than this cheap garbage.

  33. Retro Perspective Gaming

    Cheers Capcom. Absolute garbage Resident Evil as usual.

  34. WhiteStar Armada

    a shitty FPS game? big surprise.

  35. I mean the theme and graphics are reminding me of the original games with
    the old looking yet still futuristic in the 90s style map, it just needs
    better AI and gameplay balance there’s alot of little things that make it

  36. As far as I’m aware, large numbers of mutual deaths tend to be a sign of
    dodgy net-code

  37. I bought ORC and the Silent Hill HD collection on the same night. That was
    a bad night.

  38. This game makes me wish for a more polished version of The Last of Us
    Multiplayer with some clickers and bloaters thrown into the mix. I think
    I’ll pass on this one #notyourdaddyscapcom

  39. I literally fell asleep when I was watching this. I woke up 9 hours later

  40. Ah this is really such a shame when you consider how good Operation Raccoon
    city was. I know some didn’t like it but me and my mates had a blast
    ranking up and enjoying the varied abilities of the different characters.
    This looked like it could have continued that fun but sucked all the
    interesting character stuff to make everyone generic soldier dudes.

  41. Is it weird Jim to say, that to me this game looks strangely entertaining
    and I might play it out of morbid curiosity?

  42. On PC the mouse/keyboard controls are really not playable. I refunded it.

  43. A fun idea ruined by lazy execution. Why not just take the time and make a
    good game?

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  45. That camera thing is the same issue in RE5, while not as close, you feel
    like you cant see properly around you. Dead Sace nailed it, so I wonder
    what Capcoms deal is. You are so jabbed into their necks you cant make out
    left of you, and that of course is weird by itself.

  46. Resident Evil is pretty much dead at this point. The last good one in years
    was revelations 1. Kind of a miracle, especially if you look at the bad
    Meanwhile the devs are making Resident Evil 7 Gone Home Edition, because we
    need another “scary” walking sim. Kinda sad to see a franchise die, you
    grew up with…

  47. looks terrible

  48. Wow, it’s that Tom Clancy f2p game that I forget! Ghost Recon?

  49. i am not a donut

    I mean come on.. EVERYONE loved Raccoon City, puts Resident Evil to fucking
    shame, THAT”S how you do a 3rd person shooter.

  50. You could have told me this was a Greenlight game and I would have believed

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