UFC 4 Official Gameplay Trailer

Pre-order UFC 4 now and get bonus fighters Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua:

With more control in striking, Real Player Motion Technology elevating two-player grappling exchanges, the new submission system, and a devastating ground and pound overhaul, players will feel every phase of the fight EA SPORTS UFC 4 gameplay.

UFC 4 officially launches worldwide August 14th.
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  2. Let’s be real: we want things that we just aren’t going to get. Remember, this is EA.

  3. “new mini games” *copys the one from ufc undisputed 3*. might as well copy the features such as doctor stoppages and actualy TKOs

  4. Why do the opponent’s always go unconscious during TKOs? It looks so sloppy, we want realistic stoppages

    EDIT: Due to the likes, it’s likely EA will see this so I just want you guys at EA to know that you’re all lazy AF with all your games. All you do is add patches and try to market it as a “new game” with “all new features” such a lazy company, I miss THQ. You don’t deserve the UFC games

  5. Lmao to all the people saying “it’s still a beta they’re going to improve things” ea is always in beta lol

    • @KiLLa 96 I didn’t play it but to be fair it’s kinda standard that games don’t play well on release, they release it subpar to get it out on time and then they patch the hell out of it over a period of time. Almost every game is like that now days. They take advantage of update capability whereas that did t use to be a possibility before consoles were always connected through WiFi

    • Did ufc 3 had a day one big patch at release ? I’m wondering I know they made patch after but I don’t want to play it on December

    • @Dutch Van Der Linde yes but what else u thino they can do to a ufc game to change it completly? I think we re getting close to the end of this generation so its not much they can do to improve. Probably we ll see something more on ps5

    • @Porrada Everyday google gdfishingtime

    • Ernesto Hernandez

      @Juninho YT yeah it sucks i have been waiting for a fight night game forever dont really have a choice ea ufc is the closest to that. I just notice the ko animation sucks in ufc 4 they always land sideways looks so stiff and stale.

  6. why did ea sports, a multimillion dollar company, record this on a walkie talkie from 1986?

  7. The KO animations STILL look canned and completely unrealistic, this is unacceptable; as people do NOT fall like this when getting KO’d in real life. No one simply falls over perfectly on their side or drops to one Knee before laying face down on the canvas, why is this so hard to understand EA? Just use FULL rag doll animations like in UFC 2; it’s so simple.

  8. I Gonna Be Neenja

    But are the refs realistic? Do they physically get involved?

    Or just stand 8 feet back making hand gestures???

  9. I hate the new camera positioning. I don’t like that it feels like a 2D streetfighter game now. I like lateral movement and use of cage space, now it seems more strict

  10. I really hope someone other than EA gets the license for the next UFC games

  11. Bro those hit animations are awful. Its like nothing has changed.

  12. The KO animations are so shitty they feel stiff and robotic and just not realistic at all

  13. Every fighter throw jab, hooks, upper, keg kicks like the same. We want real movement of the fighters.

  14. I’ve cancelled my pre order. This looks terrible. Especially the screen going red on hits, arcade gameplay and fighters posing when the fight is about to begin.

  15. Don’t buy right away. There will be a sale in a month when this game flops

  16. It actually amazes me how they didn’t listen to a single thing from the fans. Not one!! Boycott UFC 4!!

  17. The fact that this sounds like it’s done on a two dollar Mic just shows how little EA care. Pre-order cancelled no TKO or Dr stoppages

  18. Four games in and the ground and pound still has that ‘avoid at all costs’ quality to it. Insanity.

  19. This is ea trying to make a cash grab before the next-gen consoles release it’s a ufc 3 update, don’t fall for this save your money

  20. Rational humans: this is gonna suck

    EA Players: *we know*

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