Ubisoft Thinks Games Are A Thing Of The Past: It’s All About Live Services Now

On Monday morning I said publishers were going to embrace “live services” as their new flavor in 2018.

That afternoon, Ubisoft told its how “live services” are their new flavor in 2018. In fact, they seem disinterested in games entirely… at least as we know them.

Like clockwork, folks. These companies can be predicted like clockwork.


  1. I think Ubisoft should be a thing of the past myself.

  2. In The Mind of Kibara

    *Insert Obligatory Oh, Ubisoft. comment.*

  3. But I have to ask, Ubisoft how “iconic” will your live service be?

  4. Please, no more Nonsense.
    This Is still the GAME industry right?!

    WTF happened to one of my favorite hobbies?
    This isn’t even entertaining anymore, just infuriating.

  5. Can we now finally get the literal pitchforks and torches and burn EA, Ubisoft and Blizzard at the stake or is the rest of you still not annoyed/enraged enough?

  6. *Twats who defend R6:Siege*
    But we got like a free map, so support the devs and buy the price gouged season passes and cosmetics. It’s ok if they cut content to spend time implementing lootboxes and never actually fixing the game. Stop being so entitled.

  7. That image you used as a thumbnail reminds me of an image we used to use to describe the misguided thought process that leads to a market bubble. Basically the idea that something can only get better and better and provide perpetually more and more value, forgetting the fact that everything plateaus and, frequently, declines in value or output. Cyclical thinking that ignores that is some dangerous nonsense.

  8. Damn… Another Black Mirror concept becoming reality, games are becoming a job.

  9. Count Victor von Ravencrest

    I bet Jim has an Oracle locked up in the basement that’s where he gets his info , dam son is prophetic

  10. If something happened that meant AAA games “went away” entirely, I wouldn’t even care.

  11. Maybe if Ubisoft weren’t making shite games, they wouldn’t have low user engagement to begin with

  12. Hearing about this is making me physically sick

  13. “Single player gaming is dead. Live services are the future.”
    “We killed single player because it isn’t profitable enough. Now shut up, go buy some lootboxes, and quit complaining.”

  14. I don’t know what the hell is Ubisoft smoking but I want some of that..

  15. Holy shit, the game industry is becoming worse than the movie industry.

  16. There's a starman waiting in the sky


  17. That “Game to Platform” chart made me throw up in my mouth a little.

  18. Horse Armor was just the apostle. A warning of things to come.

    Flaming Horse Skin is the true sign of the Rapture. Except in this scenario the sinners win…

  19. The worst thing about all this is that a game that gets built on for years and years (aka a * shudders * “live service”) is not necessarily a bad thing. For competitive multiplayer games I actually think it’s a pretty great model, as it builds and expands upon something that the people who are playing it already loves. If we could’ve had that back in the day instead of Street Fighter 2 getting a new, full priced update every year I would’ve taken that in a heart beat!

    However, it has no place in single player games. None.

    A single player game is a self contained experience, not a service to be built upon; and when they try to do that, it’s like trying to push a square peg through a round hole. And we DO still want single player games, not just multiplayer games. AND, when we DO want multiplayer games, we want them to be complete, satisfying experiences on release, that can THEN be built upon over a longer period of time. Not a barely finished product that they finish over time after release, yet pass off as “additions”, additions that would’ve been considered the bare minimum before microtransactions and live services existed.

  20. Jim, you are mistaken regarding Lifetime Value. You’ve somehow got the impression the Value they are talking about is something for the consumers. What they mean is value for the company. A game can only bring in so much money. A live-service has recurring income, therefore it maintains value FOR THE COMPANY and doesn’t need to be replaced as quickly, if at all.

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