Ubisoft Redefines Gameplay Trailers As Trailers Without Gameplay In Them

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla promised a big gameplay trailer at Microsoft’s Inside Xbox event, and the world held its breath to see the latest Assassin’s Creed running on the Xbox Series X.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft is a renowned liar and it was talking bollocks. The “gameplay” trailer was mostly landscapes and lighting effects, with a few seconds of deliberately staged combat. It’s about as representative as Aliens: Colonial Marines’ trailers were.

While this could be written off as Ubisoft simply playing fast and loose with definitions, it continues a pattern of dishonest behavior from both the publisher and its corporate peers. Pre-release promotion should at least strive for basic honesty, but this industry can’t do anything straightforward and upfront.

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  1. Literally none of this would’ve happened if they just called it a “story trailer” or “setting trailer” or anything else a 5 year old would recommend.

  2. Best part was when the host said: “did I just see Assassin’s Creed gameplay?”…”Yes”.

  3. After they showed the trailer they started an interview with the creative director and they were talking about all the gameplay changes and load speeds. And I was like, why didn’t you show all of that! You had a chance to show that!

  4. The marketing team: “So this footage has been generated with the game engine?”
    Developers: “Yes, but actually…”
    The marketing team: “GAMEPLAY TRAILER, EVERYONE!”

  5. Tell Justin I did read the news at the end and it was very entertaining (though it’s spelled Lorem Ipsum, not Lorem Epsum).

  6. Jeff Goldblum: “Ah, now eventually you do plan to have gameplay in your, in your gameplay trailer, right? Hello?“

  7. I don’t think they’re lying this time. They will surely have an extensive marketing campaign.

  8. The main character of Chernobyl sums up the game industry best: “When the truth offends, we lie and lie until we can no longer remember it is even there, but it is still there. Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth. Sooner or later, that debt is paid.”

    That is how a video game fails.

  9. *buys ice cream sandwich*
    *opens it*
    *no ice cream*
    Message printed on package: “we know you might have expected more from our ice cream sandwich. Just know we have a lot more ice cream products planned for the future. Be patient and be kind. Thank you 🙏

  10. “MaYbE iT sHoUlD lOoK LiKe a NeWsPaPeR”

    Still better journalism than the Sun, Jim

  11. My favorite is still the: “Footage uses in-game engine”.
    Like, What? you mean that Unreal engine? the engine now a days is also used by god damn movie studio’s to render real time CGI backdrops on ludicrous hardware… that engine?

  12. にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien

    I used to love watching pre-rendered cutscene as a kid, they look really cool and much better than anything a game could offer, but that was a decade ago, I still enjoy them but in the end, the real game is all that matter, this kind of trailer is kinda worthless

  13. “To be clear, this is an in-game first look teaser”
    Question: What is an in-game first look teaser? I see this term and I have no idea what it is meant to represent. Also no. Because “in-game” would require showing the game. Something not shown. “First look” is also wrong. The art stream was the first look. There is only one first look. And “teaser” is not correct either, as this teases NOTHING. IT’S JUST AN AD!

    Edit: It gets better. “We have a long marketing campaign ahead of us” Coming from these guys that is a threat. Also it means to not expect the game anytime soon.

  14. ubisoft = “heres our gameplay trailer”
    marketing team = “they left out cutscenes”.

  15. The Blazing Sloth

    “be patient” said the company. “pre order now” said the same company

    Pick one. You can’t have both. And I think we all know damn well which one they’d pick

  16. These trailers go well with the games that have no content in them.

  17. “our intelligences” is a particularly painful statement when arguing that the AAA game industry takes us for fools

  18. “Be patient and kind while we blatantly lie to your face.”

    Just when you think these games publishers can’t reach new lows… they prove you wrong.

  19. Another “assassin” game that will be minimal assassination, a one note open world with the same 4 soldiers copy pasted through 80% of it, and they’ll probably sell half of the cosmetics in the shop with some more time savers.

    It’s a hard pass until the game comes out and I see more. Odyssey ruined AC games for me.

  20. Honestly, most of the trailers during Microsoft’s “gameplay event” didn’t show gameplay. The Dirt racing game, sure, and that one at the beginning developed by a single guy. But everything else was “in engine” . Heck, I’m not even sure Madden 21 showed their next game, just a montage of older games. I’m excited for Yakuza, Vampire Bloodlines 2, and maybe Call of the Sea. But they pretty much showed in engine cutscenes.

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