Ubisoft Bans Player-Made Assassin’s Creed Quests That Compete With Its Microtransactions

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What Ubisoft did TOTALLY wasn’t about undercutting user-generated competition, I’M SURE!

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey released a Story Creator Tool last month that lets players make their own quests. Naturally, some of the quests made allowed for easy experience gains with rapidly defeated enemies, skipping Odyssey’s grind.

While most publishers don’t give a crap – these sorts of tools are there for people to do whatever they want with them – Ubisoft has decided XP farming quests are “exploits” and will now ban them.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey sells XP boosters on the game’s heavily stocked microtransaction storefront. You do the math, ‘cos Ubi sure has!

Source: https://kotaku.com/ubisoft-bans-player-created-assassins-creed-quests-that-1836294719

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  1. In The Mind of Kibara

    Well screw you too, Ubisoft.

  2. _can someone just endlessly loop that “we need more money” clip from the Tom and Jerry movie over Bobby Kottick’s face?_

  3. ” F-f-f-FOR *FREE?!?!* ”

  4. Barley Sixseventwo

    It’s OPTIONAL!

    Wait you’re picking another option? BAN THIS FILTH!

  5. Humphrey Horsehead

    They’re not exploits, they’re surprise mechanics and they’re quite ethical.

  6. “Damages the integrity of the game”

    Translation – “Damages our chances of forcing more money out of people’s bank accounts more quickly.”

  7. Think of the poor shareholders! They are the real victims here. They should BAN these content creators, how DARE they make a game fun to play.

  8. Ubisoft:Allows players to create stories
    Also Ubisoft: *bans any quest that gives you xp*

  9. Typical, the AAA industry makes something that players like, but somehow limits its functionality that it becomes useless. This is why we can’t have nice things.

  10. What if someone made a high quality story quest, well written, full of creativity…but boosts XP so hard that make Ubisoft shudder?
    Will they ban it and shit on it?
    Yes, yes they will.

  11. Damaging the integrity of the game.

    A Ubisoft game.

    With Integrity.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HOOOBOY they really are blind aren’t they.

  12. Sylvester Stogether

    “It’s not unfair, unethical, or exploitative when we do it.”

  13. Imagine buying a full set of Lego and saying “If you make your own thing you can only use the black single-wides.”

  14. Francine Mcloughlin

    We love creativity that Story creator offers, because of this we’re going to tell players their only allowed to make specific types of quests
    Perfect logic

  15. This won’t backfire in the least. No people will not just flood the user created content pages out of spite.

  16. Relax Ubisoft it’s not an exploit, it’s a surprise time saver!

  17. Ubisoft: “Oh shit, we thought you cash cows were dumb and easy to milk! We didn’t know you’d find a way around our scam…..er umm, we meant, exploits! The game integrity! Quality of play!”

  18. How about they just remove the boost? Oh wait thats because user created quests don;t make them money. How silly.

  19. 1977: “When the president does it, it’s not illegal.”

    2019: “When the publisher does it, it’s not an exploit.”

  20. Remember kids, cheating is bad. We ban cheaters that break the experience of the game.
    Btw, cheats for sale~

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