Ubisoft at E3 2019 in 14 Minutes

All the biggest announcements from this year’s press conference.

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  1. This is so helpful, thank you so kuch for making these

  2. Thank You for saving our time

  3. Ubisoft E3 2019 in two words: Hacker Grandma

  4. Randiel Rodriguez

    Does ubisoft still sell that many copies of wii games that they have to do a just dance every year on the wii?

  5. JStoner Ganjasaurus

    Thank you for making this short. So good not to hear the cringy fake cheer especially that one guy yelling out WOOO YEA!!

  6. One of these years we’ll hear
    and we’ll see night vision goggles appear n my god the whole auditorium is gonna collapse coz Sam Fisher will be back!

  7. This year’s e3 trend: hire actors to up the hype for our games.


      Pfft, sad part about that is Im only finna buy Breakingpoint for Jon Bernthal

    • “Wooooooo, Yeah!!!

    • IIWelshGrimreaperII

      Bruh so many actors have voiced in games and been in games. So many grand theft autos have em. Call of duty. They’re everywhere,nothing wrong with it tbh stop fookin moaning

    • Yeah, I love both Keanu Reeves and Jon Bernthal, but I think their faces in a videogame is not needed at all. I don’t care about avengers’ faces either, I just want these games to be good

    • IIWelshGrimreaperII

      @Nico Fonzie fair point,all just fod the hype tbh. But I’m never ever gonna say no Keanu Reeves face

  8. For the love of god, give us a new Splinter Cell!!!

    • At least you can play as Sam Fisher on a mobile game

    • Emmett Mathieu Coming from a true splinter cell fan since 2002, I’ve been longing and so fucking thirsty to buy a new splinter cell. Unfortunately I’ve decided not to wait because of how torturous the wait game is. I’ve had to buy shitty games like division 2 & BFV to kill the wait. I really hope splinter cell comes out since the movie is cancelled

    • Yes!!! Been a fan since the very first one!!! And fuck I miss the Spy Vs. Merc multiplayer from Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory!!!!!

    • Either it has Michael Ironside voicing Sam, or I don’t fucking want it to exist.

    • Rayman as well

  9. Ubisoft just announced a wii game! In 2019!

  10. Jon Bernthal, the only cool thing about this, lol.

  11. New watchdog, ghost recon, for honor that’s it for 14 min

  12. Never been so happy I choose to sleep instead of watching E3 at night

    • İskender Çağlar

      Qwibqwib I really wasted my time…

    • e3 is always boring as ass. Just wait for the whole thing to end and then sift through to find game trailers that interest you.

    • @Excelsior yep. attended in 2013, had an all access VIP pass, and after about 5 hours I was completely done.

    • Yeah, i only watched trailers that interested me such as Nintendo stuff, Minecraft Dungeons and the new Xbox.

      The only live conference i watched was the Square Enix conference because they were the only one who actually had interesting games.

  13. Ubisofts E3: PRETTY MUCH GARBAGE!
    Mostly milking franchises every year and new dlcs

  14. You saved us about 70minutes of our life. Thank you. I am really greatfull 🙂

  15. If they remove dogs from watch dogs, this e3 is sham.

  16. Now i know where most of the budget of video games go.
    To the famous actors.

  17. Timestamp guy I summon thee.

  18. I got this The Purge vibes with those masks and the setting. got mixed feeling about this

  19. The Punisher. Ubisoft literally upped sales on Breakpoint so much with Jon Bernthal.

  20. Ubisoft E3 summed up

    “We like to shoot people in games, end with meh stuff.”

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