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Two quick / getting rid some bad habbits to get better at of .

What I’ve Waited for by Vicetone


  1. Different type of video, let me know what you think

  2. Good stuff.

  3. more of these stuffs pls

  4. Id love to see more of this type of content from a pro like yourself, feels like not many big names do any educational style videos. look forward to more

  5. Instert joke about using flash at worlds or something???

  6. I actually like these kinds of videos everytime we see you play on stream or highlights. We dont really see much of what you are thinking or the small things that separate the pros and the regular players and these tips show us how much more we can improve on. Good stuff

  7. I kinda think there’s a huge lack of educational vids on yt about League. i would rally love to see more stuff like this especially it comes from pros like you. SoloRenektonOnly did those vids earlier about wave management for example. but there is so much more in this game people actually don’t know about. e.g when should I push and when to control drake or baron area.
    to sum up: thx for this video and I personally would love to see more vids like this
    greetings from germany

  8. Despite lots of people saying camera lock is personal preference, I think it is more important to not have it locked due to the fact that you need information consistently projected to you at all times. With a locked camera there’s motion involved and absorbing information is limited or delayed due to that extra factor of motion. The mashing tip is fantastic and something I didn’t think about. Overall this is a great video and more like this would be appreciated.

  9. honestly love it a lot and im definitely gonna try some of these tips

  10. Two tips from Doublelift… is it a Doubletip???

  11. first one i think of when u talked about smashing buttons is scarra

  12. Really enjoyed this video, I’d definitely would watch more of this!

  13. Doubletips

  14. @doublelift start a new series called doubletip, two tips per video. loved this.

  15. Pretty good advice but I think the game sound is a little too loud

  16. Is it bad to fap before playing?

  17. Make this a series and call it Doubletips

  18. LS disagrees about the button mashing

  19. A pro player giving advice a definite watch

  20. I naturally stopped using locked camera from watching many pro players streams like you, Bang and Apdo. Its become second nature to me now.

    Couple that with holding spacebar at times and you have yourself full control over your champ.

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