Two Best Sisters Play – Fallout 4

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  1. Am I dreaming? Is this actually happening?

  2. Pikapetey Animations

    HOLY SHIT MAN!! that was so good!! I lived the choice of having dog meat as herky jerky animation.

  3. Anyone ells now want 2 see 2snacks animate Fallout equstria now?

  4. Liberty Beat Podcast

    inb4 hasbro sues.

  5. Dogmeat is the goodest of good boys.

  6. Angellica Gearcrooner

    This is not the Celestia/Luna Slice of Life episode I was expecting to see this season, but I am not disappointed.
    Or is this leaked footage from the upcoming MLP movie?

    Seriously though, I’ve seen whole professional studios who fail to make things this good.

  7. Do I have to say it? This was completely unfunny. I’m very impressed by your animation skills, and it’s clear you’ve come a long way. But this was basically 90% “look at how good I am at animating” and 10% Fallout 4/2BFP jokes, which is what this channel was originally about. Good job, but I’m disappointed.

  8. Денис Тонеев

    omg that animation!
    You should go and help hasbro with MLP:Movie. You totally can teach them a thing or two.

  9. The animation is….. Evolving!

  10. Cudgeon Kurosaki

    This is why we subscribed. Not quantity of content, but quality. For that one moment 2Snacks posts a video.

    When it comes to animating a comedian, like “The One Thing” shitposts, the joke is already there. But the animator brings it to life.

  11. press X to shawn

  12. Top notch work. One minor complaint is some of the “jumps” whenever a character’s head turns too much. 1:39 is a good example.

    Also appreciate trying to make more of an original story, but I think the originals worked so well because of their simplicity in condensing down TBFP videos into a tighter series of animated jokes. Either way, a very fun watch, and it’s clear there is a massive amount of effort put into this one.

  13. LightningBlaze100

    15:45 Praise the moon!

  14. This was worth the wait.

    The animation on Dogmeat must have taken forever.

  15. Behold… Fallout Equestria! Now with humans!

  16. 4:01
    _’I wish I could shove this back in!’_

  17. love the red letter media robot.

  18. Crash Bandicoot

    Not sure why so many are complaining about the lack of humor, I thought it was the funniest episode so far.

  19. Mystic Scribbles

    If only Dogmeat was this useful in the actual game…

  20. BlitzTaifun / DragonScales


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