TSM Myth is actually insane.

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  1. did he die to the storm ? it was 10 seconds and he had just built a fort around himself

  2. wtf this happened this morning and its already uploaded lmao

  3. At least link his twitch in the description.

  4. The junk you streamers get killed by is laughable, even without that glitch it would of been the same result,

    When you two started your build off, his structure was built on damaged staircase and 3 walls and you had double pump

    Next time destroy the crap he builds on while the idiot is spamming building up


    Noone notices
    But I do

    Xbox One players > pc

  5. spam build is broken to all shit

  6. My man built a whole town in the span on 30 seconds

  7. How to waste materials
    Step on-

  8. I wanna know who P E R P L E X was…is ?? #whenproscollide

  9. He just built a freaking hotel in 30 seconds.

  10. thats my boyy

  11. This dude was just spamming ?

  12. There’s a clip from the other guy’s perspective and that edit to get down at 0:57 and then the close at 0:58 was literally the moment the other guy gets inside where he was hiding. That closing of the floor was such a good play.

  13. Look at his FPS in the top right higher than anything else?

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