Trying the Nintendo Switch

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  1. Anthony's Gaming Channel

    i think the console should be worth $200 not $300, and honestly its not a
    bad console it seems pretty cool.

  2. I actually kinda like it,
    Now all the fanboys are gonna swear and stuff because I like it and they
    But hey I was never allowed to buy any consoles other than ps2 in my life
    so concider yourselves lucky that you guys are actually geeks and know a
    ton about consoles…I just wanna play

  3. This nigga would bleed out from a paper cut to the arm

  4. Its gonna be 300$ and its not even on par with the xbox one or ps4 after 4
    years of technology advances? Comeon now thats just sad.

  5. TheAmazingFredbear TV

    i have a 3ds

    i have an wii u


    nintendo switch

  6. Is it just me or does Nintendo always keep their graphics at a Sega
    Dreamcast/Gamecube level.

  7. Did anyone bother to watch the Nintendo Presentation? Please don’t drag the
    system uninformed. clCalling it DOA before you’ve actually touched one,
    smh. People thought the same of the Wii. Look what happened. Wasn’t long
    before competitors started mimicking the “gimmick”. Too bad it died due to
    lack of 3rd parties.

    And why bring Microsoft and Sony into this? Those systems and target
    consumers are completely different! It was never Nintendo’s goal to “steal”
    or “convert” those gamers and will probably never be. They tried (kinda) to
    be something they’re not specs-wise with the Wii U…and they got dragged
    to hell and back.

    This is for *us*, the casual *mobile* gamer. It’s never been about the
    processor or graphics, etc. It’s the gameplay experience. Saying mess like
    “psh! look at this processor! go buy an xbox!1!1!”…just sounds moronic.
    Why would a causal gamer, who clocks more play hours away from home, buy
    Xbox or PS4? ? Not saying that they can’t, but to tell them to ignore a
    new product specifically aimed to cater to their *lifestyle* is ludicrous.

  8. Seeing all those kids whining in the comments.. I guess it would have been
    better if they just released a console similar to the Xbox and Playstation
    Xd. I guess these kids dont need companies that try to invent new Stuff or
    make it popular, have fun playing AC10 and CoD25 on your Playstation 6
    which will be nearly the same as Ps4 just with better hardware. little fag
    kids all over this place.

  9. I’m trading my Xbox and 3ds into GameStop for the Switch

  10. AbdallahSmash026#1Fan

    I’m not sure why people are comparing this to PS4, XB1, and PC. This is a
    HANDHELD! Also, PS4 and XB1 are just wannabe PCs that really aren’t much
    different from each other anyway. Nintendo consoles offer something unique.
    Plus, you can play it on the go. Pretty awesome. PC + Nintendo = best
    gaming experience.

  11. Any one else upset because they just got a wii u not to long ago??

    (That means no more games for the wii u)?

  12. I’ll be honest,I think even Wii U was better than this thing.
    so disappointed and it will be the first Nintendo console I won’t be buying.
    too much gimmick and motion control nonsense, outdated hardware and price
    more expensive than PS4 and Xbox

  13. It is called “Switch” because people will switch to another console.

  14. I see a lot of Microsoft and Sony fans hating it an I’m just here like :
    “CHILLLLLLLLLLLAXXXXXXX! Am I the only person in the world ? that looks
    forward to the benefits in things , the greatest in ideas and not just CONS
    alllll day without being bias like yo this hasn’t even released yet give it
    a chance and if you don’t like it “refund ” but come on now give Nintendo
    credit this is better then the Wii U that’s for sure it even comes with USB
    Type C like don’t tell me that wasn’t good . I see so much potential in
    this system and yes it does have flaws but every system has flaws even if
    you don’t want to admit it but just wait people it could be really great I
    believe it could be amazing only time will tell .”

  15. This is why Nintendo is the only company that makes consoles that i like,
    unlike Sony and Microsoft who try to have the best graphics and power
    (which they will never achieve because the PC will always be superior to
    them) instead they innovate and do stuff that the other platforms don’t
    offer, even if i buy or don’t buy a switch i can always commend Nintendo
    for that.

  16. All you need is a decent pc and a Nintendo.?

  17. Only 3 hours battery life kinda sucks for a handheld console

  18. The problem with Nintendo stuff on youtube, you were paid for this and
    cannot say some things, any actual negative things.

  19. Sup.What is your opinion about Nintendo Switch. Is any of you thinking of
    buying it?

  20. People knock the Wii U but the fun we have had with Splatoon, Mario Kart,
    Mario Party and so many other great Nintendo games has never had us
    regretting choosing it over other consoles and the same will be said for
    the Switch. Can’t wait!

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