Trump’s Witchwood Card Reveal – Town Crier!

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  1. Blizzard want a warrior rush I want a control warrior me like befor 🙁

  2. Screwdriver Gaming


  3. Nathan Marciniec

    Quality acting as always, I laughed, I cried, and I got a little aroused. Such a classy and spectacular performance. Bravo!

  4. I almost want to kill myself after watching the plays made by the AI…

  5. “World champion-worthy decks” LUL

  6. It’ll really stick it to all those Paladin’s running Stonetusk Boar and Light’s Justice.

  7. I died a bit watching that paladin play

  8. _Ahhh Gaming chairs by the fire place , what a great combination._


  10. As a lowly rank 20 casual player I could never comprehend such world champion quality plays as coining out a Goldshire Footman.

  11. Wow! This deck is so powerful, I don’t think people are giving it enough credit. I mean, 1 mana draw Darius Crowley? Seriously guys, you can’t argue with the footage here, I mean look at him destroy those Goldshire Footmen and Stonetusk Boars without even breaking a stride! I can’t wait for my rush warrior deck to start crushing my way through the practice bot games in only half the time it used to take! This might even be strong enough for the intermediate bots! *crosses fingers*

  12. the paladins low IQ breaks all records

  13. This shouldn’t be an epic it’s a very simple effect. Blizzard is getting greedy DansGame

  14. Why is it an Epic? I know its a good card, but Librarian isn’t an Epic. This is basically going to be an 800 dust cost for most never lucky players.

  15. That turn 2 Dead Man’s Hand hurt my very SOUL

  16. 0:29 _Hype for quest hunter intensifies_
    0:59 *_Hype for quest hunter intensifies_*
    1:22 _hype gone_

  17. 4:33 THAT 400 IQ PLAY

  18. Finally a way to stop those goldshire footmen ruining the ladder

  19. Oliver Nutkins-Middleton

    Oh damn this is potentially really bloody good.

  20. Apparently this deck works great… if your opponent is running a paladin with goldshire footman, and stonetusk boar…

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