Trump Performs: “Do You Want to Build a Zombeast?”







  1. The voice of an angel.

  2. Respect for trump actually doing this…

  3. Its Beautiful BibleThump

  4. He did it. T H E M A D M A N actually did it

  5. Kill me please lol

  6. There are No words to describe how much i Love this man

  7. someone call a doctor….this erection is gonna last longer than 4 hours!

  8. Holy shit Jens this editing is amazing

  9. T H E B E A S T M A N

  10. Sebastiaan Wijnands

    still better than jake paul

  11. this video is the reason why trump is my favorite youtube channel.

  12. InfernoDevastation

    Link this on your okcupid profile

  13. oh Trump. You’re making me cry. I’ll build a zombeast with you. Just grab your dog, I’ll bring my pet lizard.

  14. Im fucking crying. I have witnessed something greater than the greatest.

  15. Overwatch Bugs / Glitches

    Sound actually pretty good

  16. Jens: performed is spelled wrong at the end FYI

  17. Eduardo Cereto Carvalho

    That’s quality content. I see a man with a purpose.

  18. Topicerino Kripperino

    Yo I literally came when he liked the sword

  19. This is what I call quality content

  20. Ha the mad scientist in action

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