Trolley Robbing Bot Buyers Deserve The Disgust (The Jimquisition)

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People who use bots to buy up game consoles and resell them for a ridiculous markup are apparently sad that people hate them. This is funny, because they deserve to be hated.

Let’s take a look at the way these opportunists portray themselves, and have some fun discussing why they’re wrong, and why their view what they do is completely .


  1. Scalpers.. worried about image. They’re scalpers. the word is an image

  2. The mistake scalpers have made is in thinking they’ll find sympathy from the very people they are screwing over right now. I don’t care if they’re miserable in fact I’m happy they are suffering. I hope they have to sit on those PS5s and XSXs till the next generation of consoles come out and they’re all worth next to nothing.

  3. “Why did I do that…but now I’m so invested” is a line I’ll be stealing for my everyday life. Sorry to go all “AAA game publisher” on you, Steph, but its too perfect.

  4. Genuinely the toothpaste was actually a really funny effect.

  5. 情けないウィーアブー

    Using “economic struggle” as an excuse to scalp is just weak. Their victims live in the same economy, so they suffer the same financial strife. There is no possible way I’d see them as anything other than opportunistic racketeers.

  6. “Why did I actually do that?!”

    I ask this of myself daily when getting up in the morning

  7. They are literally a middle man of their own design. We didn’t ask for them to stick their nose in our wallets, and I doubt sony did. They make the process laborious instead of easy like a supermarket does (if they want to go for that example then so will I)

  8. Not just Consoles, Jim. Graphics Cards as well for PC! They are scalping the hell out of those too.

  9. I feel for the poor scalpers, how dare they are not allowed to act like selfish assholes without people hating on them.

  10. there’s a reason the expression “cut out the middle man” exists…

  11. Tesco has been screwing over farmers comparing yourself to them is self defeating

  12. ‘’We’Re An InCrEdIbLy VaLuAbLe InDuStRy’’ my muggers say as they kick me in the stomach and clean out my wallet

  13. “We’re just middle men!”

    The retailers are already the middle men. We don’t need another.

  14. The dude that bought out all the hand sanitizer in 2 states and resold it at a huge markup had to give most of it away to charities after someone reported him; he also had this “deer in the headlights” look like he didn’t understand why people were threatening his life. No self awareness and total lack of empathy can get you beat up; just saying…

  15. Oh the scalpers let’s not forget have not only profited massively off of their “business”, they’ve profited heavily off of a pandemic.

  16. I like how the Jimquisition has been becoming surrealist art with the toothpaste bit and the cutaways to adverts with the fucked up sounds


  17. ‘We’re just middle men’ is a hilarious argument, because adding extra middle men is never welcomed.

  18. “Udder Shed!” – James Stephanie Sterling, 2021

    Also: RIP hat …

  19. Imagine actually using milk in an example of why scalping is normal, milk farmers fucking hate the fact that supermarkets underpay for milk by acting as a monopsony, its been in the British news a lot in the past how absolutely awful it is

  20. “Wait it’s about Capitalism again?!”

    “🔫 Always was.”

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