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in the Video:

🎵 Outro song by SpacemanChaos:

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  1. Delirious is cracked at the game

  2. 9:19 i always read “the retros” as “the retards” lol

  3. I am going to randomly suggests that Delirious talking about CC Jitters which is basically the only living coffee shop in the entire flash Universe from d.c.

  4. Victory

  5. Lol delirious you’d think with all the games u play your movement wouldn’t be so stiff. Especially on a loose game. Lol I guess thats why you do “comedy gaming” and not any sort of competitive

  6. Jitters is a coffee shop in the TV show the flash.

  7. Bro, I just found out you can mod that game “Rounds” and have unlimited rounds.. please get at least cartoonz and do this. The possibilities drive me nuts.

  8. Jitters is off of The Flash tv show lol

  9. The “reverse ninja diffuse” really earned that evil laugh, that was great.

  10. Snowflakes_ Kitty

    I love it when ur uploading the finals, I immediately watched it whenever you posted one… Its so god damn entertaining

  11. Daukey was a revive champ too, damn.

  12. I love your vids

  13. Clutch MASTERS

  14. i have a jitters coffee shop in my town lol.

  15. Literally one of my favorite games you play

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