Top Ten Sh*ttiest Games Of 2021 (The Jimquisition)

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The year is wrapping up, and that means the grisly business must be undertaken yet again. Ten horrible, horrible games that contributed only misery to the industry are here for your nasty edification.

the expected to the obscure, drink in the filth as we once again scour the depths. It’s garbage day!


  1. says a lot that I was looking forward to see this

    time to finally admit that I just plain enjoy watching people rip and tear into shit games

    here’s to another garbage year

  2. It’s not the end of the year until Jimmy Steph deals with all the trash!

  3. “As you unlock new warriors… only disappointment can be found!”

    This is unironically a killer line for advertising.

  4. I can tell you exactly why Balan Wonderworld exists; Yuji Naka, creator of Sonic and NiGHTS. Much like Mighty No. 9, it’s another case of a man who was once a big deal using his fame to get funding for a game that ended up not delivering on anything it promised.

  5. Balen Wonderworld only came out this year? My god, it already feels like that game is years old!

  6. For people curious: this is what Stephanie is quoting if you didn’t know.

  7. Thank god for your fashion getting us through this trying time, commander.

  8. While there might not have been as many blow out titles this year, the amount of piled off shit within the world gaming was sadly stacked high and wide. Here’s to looking forward to 2022 to do marginally better (although at this point, best to not hold your breath for too long).

  9. Every year, you produce the only game awards shows that matter!

  10. Happy New Year to Jim Steph, Justin and everyone else involved in bringing this show together for us!
    And to everyone watching!


  11. Im going to assume that next year a lot of the ‘worst of’ games will be ‘play to earn’ NFT games now that the games industry has those damn things in its sights.

  12. We’ve somehow looped around from trying to find good games, to the point where finding a bad game, the truly worst game in a sea of shit, has turned almost prestigious albeit in a profoundly cum-stained way. It’s not easy creating the worst game in 2021. There’s a lot of competition.

  13. The worst thing is that because this is a top 10 it means there’s other games that couldn’t be mentioned like Battlefield 2042, FIFA 22 or Vanguard

  14. Between Pokémon Unite, that Lego Mario thing begging children to buy the Luigi set and all the other bullshit, Nintendo is getting increasingly good at abominable business strategies.

  15. “So few corners left to cut it’s practically a circle” is going straight into my “big hessian bag of things I’ll pretend I came up with”

  16. “It’s as if Margaret Thatcher never died”

    That could be said about most of the world, let alone the entire industry or that game.

  17. Sterling out here just killing that look, and nonchalantly dropping stellar content as they go.

  18. “Balan wonderworld is so barebones”
    It’s not even barebones, it’s a platformer without a jump button! The jump is an ability that you can find yourself missing at times

  19. “We did it, we time traveled!”

    “But to what year?”

    “Let me ask that guy over there. What was the Jimquisition’s 5th worst game of the year?”


    “Either 2011 or 2021.”

  20. Just another reminder: along with all the sexual abuse allegations, Games companies have admitted to in the past practicing crunch, and just because they don’t admit to it now doesn’t mean they have stopped.
    Remember kids: All they learned was to not talk about it, not that they should stop. Crunch is still a thing (on top of all the rampant sex crime and protection of predators ofc)

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