Top Ten Shittiest Games Of 2019 (The Jimquisition)

2019 is rapidly nearing its bitter end, so it’s time once more to smear grime on ourselves, lament loudly, and welcome Skeletor for our annual look at the shittiest games of the year!

From Anthem to Contra: Rogue Corps, there’s been a lot of trash to sift through, but we’ve nailed it down. The most deficient, most insulting, most miserable games of the year! Let’s look at the worst of the worst.


  1. Never clicked so fast in my life.

  2. It’s that wonderful time of year again.

  3. The PERFECT way to end 2019.

  4. Now I can finally let go of 2019, thank god for Jim.

  5. ♀¨•♠ö║í±☻~

    _~Hark, the herald angels sing_
    _As we all thank God for Jim Sterliiing~_

  6. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Well, at least we know how Bethesda’s 2019 went lol

  7. I forgot Anthem was a thing! In the words of Jim himself: “Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha”

  8. Sir Predator of Cats Meow

    Ah yes, the video where I keep saying to myself; “THAT CAME OUT THIS YEAR!?”

  9. Deep down we all know the real reason we’re watching this is for Jim’s Skeletor impressions.

  10. “With so much blur it´s about to sing Song 2.”
    Quote of the year!

  11. “Caution: The enemy is approaching”

    “Godzilla is approaching the generator”.

  12. I was honestly expecting the “Caution, the enemy is approaching” bit to launch into a remix.

  13. So glad to see the Cornflakes Homunculus getting the Hollywood spotlight it deserves.

  14. 2014: Godzilla is approaching the generator. 2019: Caution! The enemy is approaching.

  15. I had never seen the flowers are dead ad or heard of it before, and when Jim revealed it was an ad for Death Stranding I lost my mind.

  16. “Ghost Recon Breakfast” is the underrated line of this video

  17. Jim Sterling: I enjoyed talking about the good games of 2019

    Skeletor: But I don’t want to be good… I WANT TO BE EVIL!

  18. “Tomorrow” is being generous. I’ll have forgotten about Crackdown 3 by the end of this video.

  19. Anthem was released in 2019? It feels like it’s been around for a thousand years

  20. Jim: ANTHEM!

    Me: “Wait, Anthem came out THIS YEAR?”

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