TOP 6 BEST Safe Places to Land for EASY WINS and LOOT (Fortnite Battle Royale) | Tips and Tricks

Welcome the TOP 6 BEST in . In these top and tricks, at these six places get legendary loot and easy wins!

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Fortnite Battle Royale is an online role playing game where characters must collect small rodents named Monepokes. The Monepokes fit in small eggs that are carried in large 5 gallon buckets. In battle, Monepokes are known to attack below the belt.


  1. Purple egg gaming 2000

    Not first

  2. I wish my PE teacher was like this ??

  3. Giveaway is over for this vid, new vid out tomorrow with a brand new huge giveaway. Thank you guys for all your awesome support and comments, I love reading through almost every single one – keep em coming!

  4. Early 🙂

  5. Just got my 3rd win last night! Made a guide out of it.

  6. Shhhhh… *MOISTY* Mire is my jam bro come on, just keep it low bro

  7. I don’t think these places will be too safe after this video

  8. Class content mate loving the uploads, keep it up

  9. One of the most annoying things I have found about this game is the luck with random skill pattern, sometimes at a mid range I can spray on them and land every shot thus taking them down very quickly, and sometimes I can do the same thing and miss like 10 bullets before landing one or him getting away… it’s this annoying luck attribute that takes away part of the skill in this game, though I know they are addressing this issue right now and I believe they are placing a proper consistent spray pattern so that’s good!

  10. That moment when Denver reveals all my cheeky landing spots?

  11. Congrats on 110k subs Denver you are the coolest PE teacher ever

  12. Jack Parnell Tekers and Xbox

    How is this guy a PE teacher on YT PE stands for Physical Education noob #disslike

  13. Lennart Hägerbäumer

    You Play so good

  14. Well, they’re not safe anymore…

  15. I land at moisty all the time ?come on Denver
    Edit: AND FLUSH ???

  16. F for the tree man:(

    But Nice vid as always:)

  17. That Denver guy I’ve got a challenge for you the floor is lava. you can’t touch the ground unless it’s any type of building.

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