TL vs. C9 – Week 4 Day 1 | NA LCS Spring Split | Team Liquid vs. Cloud9 (2018)

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VOD of Team Liquid vs.
NA Spring Split Week 4 2018 #NALCS

Team Liquid Lineup:
Impact – Top Gangplank
– Jungle Gragas
Pobelter – Mid Taliyah
Doublelift – ADC Tristana
Olleh – Support Braum

Cloud9 Lineup:
Licorice – Top Vladimir
Svenskeren – Jungle Skarner
Jensen – Mid Corki
Sneaky – ADC Ezreal
Smoothie – Support

Watch all matches of the split here from all of our leagues: NA LCS, , LCK Champions Korea, LPL.
You can always learn more and view the full match schedule at


  1. Impact feelsbadman


  3. $1 million for Impact, why?????

  4. Pob ” ill be MVP this split hehe xd … Jensen “hold my beer” XD

  5. Lol impact that’s why u shouldn’t left Cloud9

  6. Jensen only a handshake to Impact..

  7. Double and Sven didn’t hug. It probably means nothing, but could that mean, that TSM wasn’t as “shiny and fine” as it was shown in the Vlogs?

  8. Licorice is a downgrade btw

  9. I’m happy c9 won but I feel bad for impact he has always been my favorite player from SKT days through now

  10. xmithie did nothing but lose every objective, not gank, and lose in farm. wtf.

  11. These comments didnt notice that impact has A wrong rune lol

  12. Rishitha Premachandra

    Wait… why doeS impact have graSp?

  13. Impact cosplaying faker at worlds

  14. wow, that was a clear statement from c9. Lovely team to watch playing + all the guys there are cool and nice, always with a smile and a positive aura. Happy to see Licorich blending in with the team so well and playing with confidence. GGeasy TL :: )

  15. Teams have to start banning Alistar away from smoothie, he’s so good with him.

  16. “Sneaky in lane…” lul

  17. jensen looking like a young mr burns

  18. Doublelift in lane lol

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