TITANFALL 2 – Robots n’ Shit

Also I talk about the new Skyrim… with its old bugs.


  1. Good to hear that the game has a semi decent campaign.

  2. i get expanded when i see a new jim sterling video

  3. Another boring FPS with mechs. OMG MECHS?? Totally wasnt done before.

  4. I just want Armored Core 6.

  5. There doesn’t seem to be much difference in gameplay when you are both in
    and out of the mech. Makes you wonder if the mechs are even necessary,
    other than for gimmick’s sake.

  6. The FOV is sickening on this one.

  7. The maps are free. Will there be micro transaction for skins etc? Who
    knows, perhaps. But there is no $50-60 season pass, so that is good.

  8. Hey, Jim, what’s up? You sound sad/

  9. the single player is surprisingly amazing on some of it’s later stages.
    there is a platforming section that surprised me with it’s level of
    creativity, in a factory that makes fake houses for simulating training. it
    was very Portal esque, with some Titanfall’s fantastic gunplay thrown in.
    btw Jim, just rodeo the Titans, players are absurdly tunnel visioned, it’s
    pretty easy to pull off.

  10. You know. they gave few modders Skyrim SE modding tools pre-release. One of
    those modders is the main person behind the “unofficial patch” mods, you
    can propably quess what they do. Classic

  11. If It wasent for the mechs it would be easy to mistake this as one of these
    newer call of duty games. The pacing and RT LT hold shooting mechanics are
    basically the same.

  12. It’s pretty funny how billion dollar companies are scared of only one guy,
    but then again, that one guy is Jim “Fucking” Sterling.

  13. Looks like a better COD than COD this year.Only thing keeping me from a
    purchase is i don’t want to waste my time and money on a game that will
    have a low population after a month or two,not saying this will be that way
    but it could easily go that way.

  14. Don’t ever believe the hype. That being said I did enjoy the game.

  15. hey some of the 5 year old bugs are nice. like how u can cast soul trap on
    dead bodies and get 100 conjuration in 30 minutes XD

  16. What´s happening with EA they released 2 good games in a row.

  17. has this been claimed normal there is no adds

  18. *yawn* Not sure what it is about this franchise but nothing revealed does
    it for me. The actual game play and mechanics are all competent, and the
    game DOES delivery enough to give it unique identity to it’s competition.
    Yet it still just comes across as an incomplete experience.

    Of course I’m still stuck in the era of shooters where the campaign is the
    main draw and the multiplayer is a bonus. When I see these predominantly
    multiplayer only experiences it’s hard to see anything that’s worth the
    asking price.

  19. Yeah, if Skyrim HD had been $10 or even 20, I’d forgive how little has gone
    into it.

    It’s fucking $60. Why? What the hell for? Skin surface graphical
    improvements, better lighting (not beautiful but it’s tolerable) that’s it.
    Maybe some light floral additions you can throw in there too.

    No bug fixes, no content additions (they could have redone the Civil War to
    actually not be fucking awful), their texture improvements are mediocre
    compared to even basic texture mods that existed in 2012 for the game, the
    DOF is subpar, the AA is trash, you STILL have to tweak the ini to turn
    things like motion blur off. Fucking 2010 games with motion blur have that
    option in the game settings where I can just hit the switch, but not
    Bethesda. The game doesn’t run at 60 FPS for people on a wide variety of
    systems that should be able to handle it. And also the engine is still
    locked to framerate.

    What the hell are they charging for? Where is the $60 going? Is it just a
    tax on consoles? “Buy our shit at full price, also fuck you” I just don’t
    get it. There really needs to be more pitchforks on Bethesda. This shit is
    getting old.

  20. No, no – they’re “Private Military Contractors” now. “Mercenaries” are so
    20th century.

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