Throwverwatch (Overwatch Animation)

Made this based on my experience playing .

Hanzo, Zenyatta, Announcer Athena voiced by .


  1. stay plat bud

  2. not sure if it’s an animation or just recorded gameplay experience

  3. Trollbjorn, ready to throw!

  4. more accurate than an ulting 76 ?? perfectly sums up the comp experience, nice one

  5. how did you do the voices?? holy shit so good

  6. Report this video he recorded the game and said it’s a cartoon

  7. this is so accurate it gave me flashbacks

  8. Reaper impression is pretty well done man

  9. As a zen main. I feel this pain.

  10. This is soul destroyingly true, right down to the widow not being in voice chat. I don’t even know if it can be called a parody.

  11. Who are you? Why did you record my last game in comp?

  12. WOW I did not expect for my cartoon to blow up this fast, honestly blown away that it’s top of the overwatch subreddit aswell with 4k upvotes under 2 hours, YIKES! If you like what I do, please expand the description and check me out on my other social links. Also another thanks to Gianni and Seigi VA for helping with the voices, I did my best to voice Hanzo and Zen but these guys nailed the rest for me. Was a really fun cartoon to make after experiencing so many negative matchmaking experiences in overwatch and I am glad everyone is getting a kick out of it. Perhaps I will do some more overwatch based content 🙂 CHEERS!

  13. G fucking G

  14. Igneous_is_my_Alias

    *”D0n’t worry, 0ur 20% win rate Wid0w will carry us”* HAHAH FFS. Well done, bud! Subbed. More OW to follow? Please!

  15. Wow the voice actors are almost perfect

  16. Smashed that sub button

  17. If there were 100 of these I would watch all of them.

  18. this 100% accurate. good work dude!

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