Throne of Eldraine Official Trailer – Magic: The Gathering

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These fairy tales fight back! Play with new cards NOW in the Eldraine Courtside Brawl event on Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Throne of Eldraine releases fully on MTG Arena September 26. Play in Prerelease September 27–29. Available everywhere October 4.

Read the story of Eldraine today:

Preorder on MTG Arena or at your local game store:


  1. Magic: The Gathering

    If you missed the full announcement stream where we debuted this trailer, check it out here:

  2. Please Please make a D&D source book for this plane, it would be sooo good

  3. Hasbro: GINGY!!
    Wizards of the Coast: Fire up the oven muffin man, we got a bIGGG ORDER TO FILL!
    Magic: The Gathering: *deep baby laugh*
    Wizards of the Coast: its…ALIVEEE!!

  4. I thought it was a shrek spin off? Movie

  5. Can’t wait for the first gingerbread plainswalker.

  6. Now give the cookie a spark

  7. Cookie Girl will do what Liliana couldn’t

  8. Wîltėd Prøblėmś

    Thumbnail: Exists

    Me: Shrek 5 bois-

  9. If buying boxes means you’ll eventually give us a full movie, shut up and take my money.

  10. I need the Gingerbread widow as a legendary creature for a gingerbread tribal EDH deck.

  11. 645 people dislike Garruk chewing loudly with his mouth open.

    • I have to wonder where “casually eating a person’s head off right in front of their lover” ranks on the scale of horrible things Garruk has done since getting cursed.

  12. Someone: Garruk, what happened to your eye?
    Garruk: “So. I was fighting this huge and full of teeth monster and then an army, and then I ate a cookie, that’s what I remember”

  13. Storybook opening, massive castle, living gingerbread cookies, big dude beating up knights. Yup this is Shrek

  14. I really thought this was a trailer for a Shrek Spinoff when I clicked the video.

  15. I know I’m not the only one who felt some big Shrek vibes from this video lol

  16. Wow? I’m sweating and weeping over cartoon gingerbread people… I need a nap.

  17. Previous Magic Trailer: Epic showdown between an army and a giant dragon, set to Linkin Park

    Curent Magic Trailer: ‘Not the gumdrop buttons!!’

  18. Why did I just cry over a couple of gingerbread men.

  19. Miscellaneous Stuff

    I was kinda hopping for better ending of that story, but what kind of ending a cookies can have?

  20. Subscribe To Me For No Reason

    *War of the Spark: Planeswalkers vs. Bolas Eldraine: Garruk vs. Cookies*

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