This or That: NBA LCS

Jatt and Kobe return for This or That, the show where the slides are made up and the points don’t matter. Each week they’ll be back with fresh slides (which they’ve never seen) and will argue whether it’s “This” or “That”.


  1. YAY this or that is back i’m so happy 😀 SMILEY FACE!!!

  2. Jatt it’s GIF you troll

  3. I missed this show so much

  4. NBA LCS lul

  5. This years Worlds at T1’s scuffed house

  6. Six fingers but seven slides

  7. Jatt …really ? “Jif” ? really ?

  8. TL is going to be 4th place though


  10. I wouldn’t mind longer This or That’s honestly, I enjoy these a lot

  11. I’d watch 30 minutes of this. Reminds me a little of Pardon The Interuption on ESPN~

  12. “seven slides” holds up 6 fingers

  13. if the stuttering dwarf or the yeti cast, i am not gonna watch!

  14. The Tyler 1 getting some slides? I’m liking it!

  15. TSM Jatt always going TSM. Thats my boi

  16. Shanghai Noon “Is that a movie?” Triggered


  18. T1 at worlds? please, make it happen. riot, you have no idea how much money he will make you.

  19. I love Kobes energy so much, vote up if you agree so he can maybe see this

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