This is a Handheld Gaming PC

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This tiny handheld gaming PC can run actual Windows 10 games.


  1. This is so much more better than mine…..

  2. Would you rather buy a Switch or this Win 2?

  3. Cool concept ?

  4. Cool review. I could do alot more though with that $ 800. Like pay the mortgage. lol

  5. But can it run mInEcRaFt

  6. Looks like a 3DS XL

  7. It playes games better than a MacBook and it’s half the price Soo….

  8. finally they made it…?????

  9. I got one of the first 1000 units

  10. Hey Austin this is *GUYS*

  11. For anyone saying that you could build a good PC for that price, well, a mid-range GPU alone costs that much. Thank bitcoin miners.

  12. Needs clickable buttons…

  13. FuturismGaming: CSGO

    Why would anyone pay $600 for this?

    • FuturismGaming: CSGO exactly

    • FuturismGaming: CSGO

      Isaac Tejerina tell me where are you going to carry this? (Most be a place with internet remember that)

    • Why should it be with internet? Of course, if you want to buy this device for online gaming, I understand that it is not the best option. Even a laptop is not the best option. GPD Win is for portable gaming and online and portable are normally not compatible.

    • FuturismGaming: CSGO some people already paying $1000s for iphone, few hundreds for consoles, laptops, even more for desktops which can do gaming all the same. So this is just another cash grab product for companies and people who has too much cash on them or love the tech.

    • You’re not the target for this product. There’s an audience that would/will jump on a gaming device this small of a form factor, even if it means to sacrifice visual performance for the sake of it. No need for a bag specifically designed to hold a >16″ laptop, nor would you be tethered to a wall outlet if you have a portable battery handy.

      I might not be able to run GTA V that well on it, but I’d get some mileage with other games like Dragon’s Dogma, or play some of my GC/WII ISO dumps on Dolphin.

  14. Great for emulators

  15. Do a super mini pc by upgrading it

  16. Damn that Newer Super Nintendo 2DS cube boy 64 color looks awesome!

  17. You should make a video of The Ultimate Handheld Gaming PC. Add a powered USB hub with an external GPU, external storage, and other stuff

  18. Mantis: Mega Outlaw Star Fan

    Switch isn’t more economical. Let’s just say for the sake of argument (throwing out a pretty random number) thirty critically acclaimed AAA games worth getting come out for the Switch in its lifetime. Though the games retail at $60, I’ll be nice and put them at $40. Now even though you can often get the best AAA games on Steam for less than $10, let’s put them at $20 each since of course new releases will be higher, though less than console. Let’s use the same number of games. Simple maths here…

    Nintendo Switch + 30 games: $1500
    GPD WIN 2 + 30 games: $1250

    And this isn’t even counting that you might already have a bunch of great games in your Steam library! Potentially you’ll have to spend very little extra to have some fantastic games available for your WIN 2. Let’s not forget that the WIN 2 can also emulate very well. If you’re gonna buy a Switch, obviously you love Nintendo games. How about nearly every Nintendo game from the NES up to the Wii fully playable? The Switch might have Breath of the Wild and perhaps a couple of older Zelda games on the Virtual Console, but how about having those as well as The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and more?

    Normally I’d say it’s a no-brainer, but since so many people here are very defensive about Nintendo and keep hurling insults at GPD/WIN 2, I suppose I’ll have to say you need at least some grey matter to look at this objectively. Whenever I explain stuff like this a lot of fanboys interpret it as hate towards Nintendo. No it isn’t. The Switch just doesn’t have a large library of great games… yet. I’d rather wait a while before getting a Switch, like I did with the Vita. The Vita always got loads of hate, but nowadays it’s much cheaper and sports a great library as it’s had time to mature. At least with a WIN 2 an expansive library is already there. Just check out the videos by The Phawx and Mobimaniak. This uploader’s overview doesn’t do it justice.

    • That’s a very hypothetical scenario you have there. It really depends on your purchasing behavior, and how patient you’re willing to be. Although the nature of Steam has allowed for insane sales on certain video games, not every game is going to get discounted, since the decision is up to the publisher, not the platform holder. And if you buy games on release you’re going to pay the same $60 MSRP for a AAA title, just like a home console bretheren. You can do the same for Nintendo whenever a flash sale or a Humble Bundle promotion hits the eShop or retail location

    • Mantis: Mega Outlaw Star Fan Ok my bad I sorta missed your point. but it really does depend on how many games you would buy for the switch. I kinda sounded like I was hating on the gpd win but the truth is I want one. I want to play my steam games anyware I go. Like Austin said though if you’re not all ready a PC gamer this might not be the option for you.

    • Yes, it is a hypothetical scenario. He all but says “this is a hypothetical scenario”. Yes, it also depends on things like your intestinal fortitude, the phase of the moon, and a million other ancillary things that aren’t actually worth considering. If you already play PC games, and you buy this, you buy no additional games. thats pretty simple math. The only reason the switch is compelling is that it (will eventually have) has exclusive nintendo titles. If that’s important to you, and you are for some reason stuck deciding between the two as if you cannot buy the other later or something, or you don’t already have any idea of what you prefer, get the switch. If you dgaf about nintendo, don’t, get something else. Maybe this.

      Honestly, buying and playing video games is not actually some sort of ultimatum between things that are closely related. Most people just buy what they want, and don’t give a shit about any of this masterbatory comparison crap. This is not the decision that will decide the rest of your life.

    • I think you forgot to mention this here $600 preorder and $800+ when it retails (though I highly doubt that price would stay that way for more than a year) which basically evens them out. Still quite interesting to think about. Also you forgot the great F2P games on PC.

    • Honestly, this video solidified it for me: Austin is one of the least trustworthy tech vloggers on this platform. So many things annoyed me about this video, but then when he started shilling for the Switch at the very end – I found that to be downright infuriating. The Switch is a child’s toy compared to the GPD Win.


  20. I got a laptop in my back pocket

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