This cannot happen.


  1. obligatory “14 years and still LE?!?!?!?!?! uninstall!!11” comment

  2. Just CSGO things

  3. It was the skin.

  4. * sits with crossed arms *

  5. 14 years LE, LUL

  6. I’m playing since 05/2017 and I’m already DMG… sorry. =/

  7. Anyone else from Reddit?


  8. Does years of experience has anything to do with lucky shots like this? Just asking.

  9. häftigt grabben

  10. haha ne men vafan

  11. my frannd haters gonna hate but u r the best

  12. just shows how random and shit the game is now…

    Its just random lucky that is needed in this game now… They turned a skill based game into a randomly shoot and get headshots game

  13. João Vitor dos Santos

    Omg you did it twice…
    You’re basically a Coldzera

  14. orange crosshair thats why u LE

  15. !4 years, LE , still plays with music ON. Cool dude with a mean attitude.

  16. Emre Sağlamoğlu


  17. 14 years xddddddd bruhh try another game

  18. saw a trailer of this new film “Jumpshotter” on a cinema lately..

  19. Came here from your Reddit post….

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