They’re Just Selling Nothing Now (The Jimquisition)

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week, we take ourselves a look at NFTs, and how one game developer is using an already shady concept to insult videogame .

Then there’s the case of the unfortunately named #EAGate, and FIFA’s latest scumbaggery.

You want some more? , well we’ve also got a response to the claim has “fun presents” instead of loot boxes. Ha ha ha.


  1. Johnny Guillotine

    Thank God for James Stephanie Sterling!

  2. There are worse things you could be in a relationship with Jim, like politicians or CEOs. Never change you crazy person you.

  3. no one expects the bathroom jimquisition

  4. I initially heard that as you being in a relationship with a bag of Weebles and was about to tell you to get out of it because, as everyone knows, Weebles wobble, but they don’t go down.

  5. Devasta The Seeker

    Jrpg final bosses: I will wipe the slate clean and start the world over
    Me: You know he has a point let’s pack up gang

  6. Smells like money laundring.

  7. The Falling Dream

    listening to James Stephanie Sterling talk about horrible garbage is one of the highlights of my week

  8. So the reason I couldn’t understand NFTs is that there was nothing to understand?

  9. The more I find out about NFTs makes me want to ask… isn’t this just being used for money laundering?

  10. When I heard that someone had “sold their first tweet” I just assumed I’d misunderstood due to my lack of sleep but no… It’s just capitalism.

  11. “See that, that’s mine that is” is the PERFECT summation of all this dumb NFT shit. Perfect work as always.

  12. I bet Jason calls them “multi level marketing” when pitching it to his friends and family.

  13. “What does buying a tweet do?”
    It shows you a fool whose money needs to be parted from them, that’s what.

  14. Noire du Fontaine

    A “NFT Influencer” mentioned an artist I follow as one as well, which she wasn’t, which lead to her being harassed and spammed with people and bots trying to sell her art as NFTs. So, just to show what kind of people love the concept.

  15. That’s really scummy, he didn’t even ask the artists if he could do that. Also, anyone who says they love ‘moral grey areas’ and ‘pyramid schemes’ is probably some sort of sociopath.

  16. “We’re looking into it”- Every Liar Ever

  17. “I love pyramid schemes” is a quote I thought I’d never hear completely unironically

  18. “It’s a scam”
    “That’s bad”
    “It’s a half scam”
    “So it’s only half bad?”
    “Yes only half bad”
    “You just said it was bad, like the word came out of your own mou-“
    “At least it’s only half!”
    Great logic

  19. “Ain’t no such things as halfway crooks” – Mob Deep

  20. “I love pyramid schemes”: the words of a man who is definitely not running a pyramid scheme

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