THEY ADDED DINOSAURS!?! (Zookeeper Simulator)

Use my Games Creator Code *H2ODelirious*

in the Video:

🎵 Outro song by SpacemanChaos:

#H2ODelirious #Delirious


  1. I just watched cartoonz 5 hour long stream

  2. h20delirious can make dead by daylight vid plss

  3. Nobody gonna talk about the title before it got edited xD??
    It first said “Dinssaurs” xDD

  4. u should play path of titans

  5. Who’s pumped for the April fools vid lol

  6. 2 more day till April fools

  7. A rare specimen the Deliriousaurus rex.

  8. yesss your back at this game. DINO’S

  9. H20 delirious there’s this new mode on rainbow six siege and you have to protect mr teddy bear and get the enemy teams mr teddy bear

  10. *Most people are taught that “you only need a good job to become rich”. These billionaires are operating on a whole other playbook that many don’t even know exists*

  11. OMG the banjo-kazooie music in the Background !! You are the best!! <3

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