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  1. Whats the game?

  2. Delirios but u have baby and gf wth????

  3. Damn have not watched a vid from you in a while i remember the good gta times been years bro

  4. Doubt he’ll see this but saw someone using your Chainsaw massacre thumbnail of the one where trapper character is busting through a door with you on the other side

  5. delirious bro u need to playk some more scary games

  6. i cant wait for delirious to say “ZAMN” next💀💀💀

  7. 1:52 Monster Nutz😼

  8. Yo the twins got turned into wendigo goes but not the traditional way

  9. Your thumbnail covered the name of the game

  10. Its funny how they all react to the massive red beam and say that th3y never saw a light ehooting up into the sky. Focus was not on that beam the whole time i can t3ll you that

  11. The thumbnail made me click it

  12. What game is this??

  13. “Beware the WendiHo……”

  14. Canadian CanuckleHead

    Bruh Lemme see some Wendigussy 😩👌

  15. Wait, is this a mod or actually part of the game?? I never saw those monsters ever in A Day Out.

  16. Just saying…I was not looking at it but I notcied that Female Wendigo got jiggle physics on the….assets…

  17. all the comments just npc losers saying the same thing over and over 😂😂😂😂😂

  18. I would love to see you play more!

  19. I never expected you to ever say gyatt 😂

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