The Year Of The Loot Box (The Jimquisition)

This is the year boxes came to in a big way.

Encouraged by , “AAA” publishers went all-in on destroying their in the name of easy money.

And no, Blizzard, you’re not special. You deserve as much blame as , , , , WB, and Microsoft.

In fact, j’accuse!


  1. I genuinely did not know Activision = Blizzard. And I’ve been around the block, but I just didn’t play any Blizzard games since Warcraft III. And I actually held Blizzard in high regard because of the good old days.

    Fuck ’em all.

  2. I don’t get tired of hearing about loot boxes. It’s a BS scam that everyone should be yelling about.

  3. Are they even games now?

  4. I’m so glad people are turning against loot boxes – I fucking hated them when Overwatch had them, and I fucking hate that everyone defended them, see where it got you all.

  5. From where can I buy Jim Sterling loot boxes?

  6. Never stop calling developers and publishers out for bullshit like this. If nothing else you can learn a lot from their response to the criticism.
    It took Arenanet’s Mike O’Brien less than a handful of days to come out after the Guild Wars 2 mount skin fuckup to apologise for it and promise to do better in the future. Downward spiral averted.
    Meanwhile it has been 2.5 months since R*’s bugged anti-cheat module randomly took legitimately earned money from their GTA Online players and they have not even acknowledged the problem. Strauss Zelnick even takes this as a challenge to squeeze harder in future games. The only way I would ever give Take-Two money again is if I knew with absolute certainty that this bag of wank will choke on it.

  7. Mhm its all Blizz’s fault. They popularized the concept in big budget games and now we’re all forced to wade through the mountain of shit they are responsible for. God and to think there are some people who have literally, literally spent 800 dollars or more on Overwatch loot boxes fucking hell.

  8. Well shit, I was looking forward to Red Dead Redemption 2.


  9. There’s a petition for the UK parliament to have “loot boxes” be recognised as gambling and to adapt gambling laws to include gambling in video games which targets children and vulnerable adults.

  10. *Life’s good when you’re turning players into payers that look like an anime fan on prom night*

  11. You know who I think did loot boxes right? Breath of the Wild.

    Hear me out. Playing the game you can tap one of the many Zelda Amiibos on the controller, which spawns in a bunch of farmable objects (plants, fish, meat) and a box (a loot box, ha!) containing a weapon, shield a piece of armor or maybe even something special like a horse. Exactly what you can get is randomized, but limited per Amiibo. So it’s a strange middle ground between loot box and DLC.

    So how is this any better than how other companies do it? In short, while a Zelda Amiibo can be pretty expensive thanks to the skinners (may they fall into the hands of those who practice what their name says) you can do this not just once and have it spent: you can do this once per day, every day you decide to play the game. Barring entropy of your console, game disk of the Amiibo itself there’s no limit to how many days you can do this. And if you don’t get what you want, you can try again tomorrow (or if you’re desperate you can change your system’s clock) without any fuss. And on top of that, you have a physical figurine out of the deal, some of which you can use for other games.

    And the funny thing is that the Link Amiibo where he rides a horse can get you a special bridle and saddle, meaning that you have horse gear DLC.

  12. I pirate any game with loot boxes. Fuck these companies.

  13. Thank you Jim, I have a Drug and Gambling addiction, Have for years. I used to love games, in fact when I was getting clean I used to escape into the fake realities of game like Red Dead, Borderlands and Diablo to forget the pain for a while. Now these same gaming companies want me to suffer and give in to my desires and play the loot box game. For my own safety I had to stop playing so many game I loved. Thank you for not giving in to the fan boys and girls and keeping up the pressure.

  14. You know it’s getting bad when Jim starts dropping in the 1984 references. Of course, it makes so much sense now! Lootbox is AAA New Speak!

  15. Fuck Blizzard and their horde of mindless fanboy trash.

  16. Tf2 made lootboxes and safely kept the flame secured, overwatch ran into the flame, carried it to 5 barrels of oil. And then wanked as the fire began to spread out of control.

  17. Why don’t you ever mention VALVE btw.?
    They started the whole lootbox shitfest, to begin with.
    Never seen you make one video about the,.

  18. LOL I was trying to place the song in the background for a few minutes and then I realized it was Money Money Money by Abba, doesn’t get any more apt

  19. I only bought one game this year and i feel like I’m done for the year


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