The Witcher 3 On Switch – A Surprisingly Switchy Witcher (Jimpressions)

The Witcher 3: Complete Edition has made its way to Switch, and it works! Like, it works really quite well.

Obvious graphical compromises have been made, but it runs nicely, retains the sheer volume of content, and maintains a consistent stability.

While mostly a novelty for those who already played it, it’s an adequate Switch version for those who haven’t.


  1. The Switcher

  2. Witcher 3 on the Fridge

    – *Fridger 3*

  3. If this whole review gig ever falls through, you have a bright future in YouTubePoop based on the intro. Thank God for Jim.

  4. I am playing Werebubbs 3 on lower settings anyway.

  5. HHEEEYYY!!! is my most favourite sound byte from the game

  6. Meanwhile Capcom can’t be bothered with a stable framerate on 10-year-old RE5’s Switch port…

  7. Still looks bloody good for such a huge game on the Switch

  8. i immediately lost it at the “i like the witcher 3 ’cause when you complete a quest it goes HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.” instant like.

  9. I wasn’t going to watch this until i read ” Switchy Witcher.” Well, played JIm, well played.

  10. I’ve never played any of the others and my only modern console’s a Switch – can I jump into this one as is?

  11. “I’m the Witcher, I’m going to untie you”
    – Jim Sterling 2019

  12. Man that’s impressive. When I heard it announced I was absolutely sure it would be an absolute mess; no WAY could that game to run on Switch. Very glad to be proved wrong!

  13. Hagrid: “You’re a Witcher Gary”

  14. *EA:* We can’t get Fifa20 on the Switch so we just repackaged an older game and called it Fifa20… *CDPR:* Here’s the full game with all the dlc’s included on the cartridge for free.

  15. “The game is excited for you to play it.”

    Now that’s a design philosophy.

  16. I interact with people with positive audio cue’s as well. normal human….” Hey Ryan, whats..” me…” HEeeeeeeYYYYYYYYYeeeeeYYYYY OOOOOO!!!!!”

  17. When there are so many bad games you have re-review the Witcher 3.

  18. The fact that you can see the silhouette of Novigrad in the background when fighting the bandits (around 5:20) is amazing.

  19. I’m still blown away that they were able to get this behemoth onto the Switch at the quality they have

  20. Or in British:
    Witches end up in ditches.
    Witchers end up on Switches.

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