The Warrior of Treasures – Not Quiiiiiite Dark Souls (Direct To Video)

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From the genius behind Go Kart Survival comes this awful, awful thing.


  1. Thank god for Jim

  2. Eyy jimboi. Ever heard of Dwarf Fortress? Thoughts?

  3. dont call me a condom

  4. 0:01 – look at those menus, yup, it’s another mediocre game from a talentless hack using generic assets giving bad name to an actual competent game engine

  5. Oh cod, not cop. That would have been a strange flavor for a condom

  6. Cod flavored condoms… the new adult … item… from Long John Silvers!

  7. Dark Souls Remastered looks a little… lacking.

  8. Tero Lunkka? Oh no… This guy is a fellow Finn 😐

  9. it weird how much Jim and and really hot girls on social media have in common

    they both attract waves of creeps and weirdos

  10. Try tongue but hole.

  11. applegoblin jeans

    The player character looks like the practice model for unity engine.

  12. >be “developer”
    >release 30 games every year
    >all are asset flips with 0 effort put into them
    >cry when people criticize you as if your game is the Last of Us of indie games
    >spam take-downs in a desperate attempt to halt the shitstorm
    >when all else fails, close your “studio” and reopen it 1 nanosecond latter with a different name
    >repeat step 1 – 7

    *These kind of people deserve to be legally penalized.*

  13. Even the fucking text looks like it’s straight out of the early 2000s! Pathetic. The ‘creator’ should be taken outside and shot, repeatedly.

  14. If I didn’t know better. The BGM is from Buffy The Vampire Slayer on Xbox

  15. Never stop highlighting such “creators” that’s thanks to them and some idiots who vote for them to appear in the steam shop page, indie games are getting flooded with pure shit.

  16. TheUndefeatedMagician

    Go home Dark Souls, you’re drunk.

  17. “I just want to make games.”
    Well, and I want to be the god-emperor of humanity, doesn’t mean I should be trying to achieve that.

  18. This is the equivalent of someone randomly placing assets in Mario Maker and calling themselves an Indie Dev.

  19. 6:09 Skyroads?

  20. Retro Game Players

    They should have a level called the junkyard with lots of tires everywhere

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