The Videogames I Didn’t Completely Hate This Year Awards 2021 (The Jimquisition)

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Awards meaningless. Videogames don’t deserve applause. It is, however, the end of the year, and that means trophies must be given whether we played deserving titles or not.

Join me, then, as your old pal James Stephanie Sterling lists a number of games they didn’t completely hate this year. They’re all least adequate. Well, one of them’s actively bad. Awards meaningless.


  1. I knew this day would come. The highest award in all the land, The Games That Weren’t Total Shit

  2. Cornflakes Humunculus

    Jimquisition awards brought to you by your corporate mascot the cornflakes humunculus. It wants to die. Great nutritious flavour.

  3. There are a lot of gaming YT channels that have turned me off over the last couple of years, due to their stances or attitudes to the, um, let’s call it the ”culture”. Glad to still have you around, Jim. Needed now more than ever.

  4. I need a transcription of that whole Lady Demitrscu speech, as it was just pure gold.

  5. I recommend people check out Sable, Backbone, Psychonauts 2, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, and Narita Boy. They’re all pretty great, imo.

  6. I kinda missed death’s door but I’ll give it a go.
    Can’t wait for the next list.

  7. This year almost destroyed my faith in video games altogether, to be honest. So many controversies, NFT bullshit, etc. Thankfully the almighty Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker saved it at the last minute, a game so good they’ve had to stop selling it because the servers can’t cope.

  8. I couldn’t care less about the official game awards, but you can be damn sure that I get excited for Jim Sterling’s award! 😁

  9. Resident Evil 8: Village is the proof that “AAA” games can be good. Ironically, it’s also the exception that proves they generally aren’t.

  10. The Lady Dimetresceau is actually quite lovely in real life. She just smokes weed and shit talks Anne Rice all day.

  11. My award for “Nah This One Is Seriously Fucking Legit” goes to Fuga: Melodies of Steel. It didn’t blew my mind like the Ori games. But I enjoyed everything: Narrative, characters, gameplay, sound …
    Death’s Door looks like helluva fun too. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Jim.

  12. I love how the standard for video games nowadays has dwindled so much that we rate them by which ones weren’t completely generic and forgettable.

  13. On a serious note I love the idea of an award for a game that’s trash but we enjoy playing anyway. We’ve all got them.

  14. That Quantic Dream joke in the beginning was SPOT ON. My hysterical laughter caused me to spew my morning coffee from my nose…so thanks for that!

  15. “This is not the time to get political about guns- I mean abuse in the games industry, it is a time to come together and work towards buying microtransactions.” – very independent journalists and thinkers

  16. “When Lady Dimitescru was announced, we all came together”

    You could have just ended the sentence there.

  17. JSS is so fucking relatable. These “awards” couldn’t have been more accurate if I made the damn video myself. Thank God for you Stephanie

  18. James Stephanie Sterling is the only person I can genuinely trust with their game recommendations sometimes. I do not always agree with them, but I respect and trust them more than any other. Thank you for letting me know which games aren’t completely despicable!

  19. “The award goes to me, I’ve decided”

    Idk why, but this had me laughing like crazy.

  20. Capcom really did a great public service: revealing just how many people are into giantess femdom.

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