The Unknown City: Horror Begins Now – A Masterpiece Of Shit (Jimpressions)

Sharing assets with The Slaughtering Grounds, a trip to the Unknown City is ready to make you feel really sick.

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  1. Pretty sure you’re the only person who’s bought this according to the Steam page haha.

  2. Indeed the title doesn’t lie, the horror does begin once you start the game.

  3. i want my ~10min of darkness back!

  4. “Literally the worst game on the Playstation 4” Oh no, here we go again…


  5. Some gun icons are taken directly from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Those cheeky devs.

  6. Glad to see more indie horror FPS games since that is *clearly* an under represented genre… right?

  7. It’s amazing how these “developers” can consistently one up each other for how low down the barrel they can go

  8. 4:20 The HUD icon claims it’s an AK47, but the weapon model is clearly an MP5 or some other H&K gun. They’re not even trying to hide their laziness.

  9. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    Looks like Resident Evil’s got some competition.

  10. I’m starting to think that someone at Sony promised their children they could sell their digital equivalent of finger paintings on the official store.

  11. Fun fact this was made by the people who made horse racing 2016

  12. “Horror begins now” is what should be printed on Taco Bell napkins

  13. When you said it was a PS4 game, my eyebrows nearly done shot off my head.

  14. Wait a minute… This is for PS4? And you care to mention it almost after 3 minutes into the video? I thought this was another run-of-the-mill steam direct garbage video game.
    HOW LONG WILL THEY GET AWAY WITH THIS???? Jim, for the love of God, I pray for you every day, I tell my personal friend Jesus all about your good deeds you’ve done for all of us for oh so long. I beg of you! I BEG OF YOU!!!! Here as I kneel in front of our Lord and Savior and everything that’s sacred to us, please, Jim, unravel the mystery behind these releases on PS4 store. It is your duty! IT IS YOUR HOLY MISSION!!!
    Don’t let our prayers be in vain!

  15. Take that Resident evil 2 remake !

  16. If I didn’t know better, those light posts were also moving faster than the road…

  17. Andrei Despinoiu

    2:45 Wait, whaaaaat? This is a PS4 game??

    Sony sniffed glue again, didn’t they?

  18. This game looks really bad

  19. When they said there was a new competitor to Steam I never imagined it was the PSN store

  20. Still no cross-play, but at least you get this!

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