The Unfortunate Reality Of Microtransactions, Gambling, And Desperate Publishers (The Jimquisition)

2K Games has called premium currency and microtransactions an “unfortunate reality” in gaming.

Overwatch and NBA 2K19 had to remove loot boxes in Belgium. EA refuses to remove loot boxes from FIFA. The “AAA” excuses and justifications are flying thick and fast, and 2K especially is showing its royal rump.


  1. SharpEye Productions

    Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay: Go to the bank and attempt robbery. Behind the counter, there is a slot machine, that will randomize how much money you are able to rob after you have transferred some real-life money for 2K

  2. Everything they are doing has a psychological explanation for why it works so well to make them money. So . . . yeah . . . the rest of the game industry will look like the mobile game industry in a few years – derivative and copycat games that are all but unplayable unless you keep spending. If there’s another industry collapse, it will be the over saturation of the market with games that aren’t really games until consumer trust is all but destroyed. That’s pretty much what happened with Atari – consumers lost confidence in an industry that forgot it was supposed to be making an honest, fun product.

  3. “Videogames aren’t a charity”

    “You gamers are such entitled manbabies”

    “Well then get a proper job to afford playing a game rather than crying at your mother’s basement”

    “videogames aren’t really poor friendly these days…”

    “The company that makes these games have to eat too…”

    And so on and so forth…

    Jim should also tackle the fighting games community specifically Koei Termo’s Dead or Alive series…one of the most notorious FG companies for releasing all those season passes and costume and character dlcs and multiple editions of the game that it will make even EA and Ubisoft blush…

    And with their recent DoA 6, they again now have a “Digital Deluxe Edition” for Ps4, PC through Steam and Xbone…for a game that is yet to be completed and announced to come out at February 2019…

  4. I’m sick of this Politics Jim.

    Poli – meaning many

    Tics – Bloodsucking Animals.

  5. You remember when there were Cheatcodes to skip “the Grind of the game”? I remember

  6. The biggest difference with GTA V is the investment of Rockstars time and they came up with a game worth playing as we see people are still playing it 5 years later. Not many titles can say that these days and they also milk their games with microtransactions. Maybe if they make something worth playing instead of stunting progress through forced purchase they may get a better reception.

  7. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    Lootboxes are a scam. Plain and simple.

  8. Well, this is a prime example of Capitalism in action, make games into money making schemes and squeeze out every penny from the customer, so your shareholders can buy new Mansions and Yachts, while game devs are payed very little and are not allowed to Unionize and have to work Crunch Time and sleep in the office to rush out a buggy, broken mess of a game.

  9. EA vs. Belgium? Here’s hoping EA gets pinned under a huge waffle and drown in syrup.

  10. I literally learned NOTHING new in this video.
    but its important. like bible studies every week.
    We need to NEVER forget that for these companies it will NEVER enough to just make “some” money. it always needs to be ALL THE MONEY ON THIS EARTH!!!

  11. Strauss Zelnick is the _sole_ reason I’m not getting Red Dead 2. Doesn’t matter if the game is a “masterpiece” like _countless_ idiots have already told me as if they’ve played it behind closed doors.

    Strauss and the morons that blindly follow his games can go jerk each other off in a dark room with syringes taped to their fingers.

  12. Don’t be so casual about EA ignoring the law and letting it go to court. The EU’s elected officials are no less greedy than those f-ers at the helm of EA and 2K. This is a serious danger to all of us. Laws are years behind the current tech culture and most of the time when they are updated, it’s not in the favor of the consumer.

  13. Turning players into payers!
    Because playing is optional now.

  14. EA standing their ground is actually rather scary. They can just keep throwing money at lawyers who can probably convince the Belgian government that lootboxes _aren’t_ a form of gambling.

  15. Friendly reminder that NBA Live, an EA game, is considered less greedy and less indulgent in microtransactions than NBA 2K from 2K. Think about that, there’s a company that is greedier than EA.

  16. 2K: ”It’s unfortunate reality for video games”

    Jim Sterling ”No u”

  17. lol “it’s an unfortunate reality”? Yes, it is *unfortunate*, so maybe stop making it happen, game pubelickers.

  18. Jim: No, 2K Games. Virtual currency isn’t “an unfortunate reality of video games.” _You_ an unfortunate reality of video games.

  19. In Norway a PHD student did a his dissertation on what loot-boxes are, if they were gambling by the simple principle of odds, or were the odds so high that you would get a rare, ultimate or whatever high-tier item you wanted without buying the game again. He got a grant to buy 70,000 loot-boxes and calculated the odds after all boxes purchases were made. The conclusion was, and is, that loot-boxes are glorified gambling that the government should take a look at and propose legislation.

  20. I’m playing yakuza 0 atm. It’s my first one. Really fun game. Good story. Glad I got it. Only paid £10 too. Very happy.

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