The Unexpected *WIN* in Minecraft: Lucky Block Race

🎵 Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos!

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  1. [Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam

    It’s always something we don’t expect each time all though this time delirious made obvious by putting it in the title but that’s fine

  2. Mariya 0ver L!ve🔞

    Can’t get bored of these Lucky Block Race videos <3 Love you Delirious!

  3. chinkhuslen bat-erdene

    The thumbnail is so cute

  4. Remove everything that’s already been seen in the lucky and unlucky categories. I’d love to see what else there is 🥺

  5. Yeah that’s right jihi, that’s what you get for buddy

  6. Delirious pls im begging you pls finish twd ive been waiting for the past 5 yrs i watched you play season 2 11 months ago now i just dont wanna wait another 5 years for season 3

  7. Jihi is a god!

  8. delirious can you play with gorillaphent and ohmwreker with cartoonz plssss

  9. Christian Martinez

    Hey delirious I know u like scary games u should try fobia st dinfna hotel it’s a really scary game if u post a video about it can’t wait 2 see it

  10. How would i be able to play with you delirious

  11. We need another Pummel Party

  12. Looking forward for the Heaven Theme <3

  13. wow am one of the first 200 to comment

  14. No deadsquirrel

  15. I love that delirious got the squid and his platform looks like the squids in water

  16. i wounder if delirious will ever realize that the block of wood could have made him planks, then sticks then a diamond sword…

  17. Touch. Me. I Will Turn You

    Can’t get bored of these Lucky Block Race videos <3 Love you Delirious!

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