The TRAGIC TRUTH Behind Hello Neighbor | Culture Shock

What is going on in ?! Murder and Satanic rituals abound, and everything our mustachioed neighbor does only peaks our curiosity! Well wonder no more because I’ve got you covered! From Faust to the hidey-hole in the basement, this episode explores the tragic truth behind the game’s devilishly intriguing main character.

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  1. 99% won’t see this but those 1%

    I’m begging for likes like a little bitch

  2. today is my birthday and I’m 14! can I please get 14 likes??

  3. haven’t seen a game blow up sinse fnaf. but….. Undertale

  4. sans the meme lord

    wow it makes sense

  5. What if the character you’re playing is Mephistopheles?

  6. What if you are Mephistopheles?
    Or alternatively, he is using you to get past the traps and barriers set by
    the father. That could explain the scream that saves you from being caught;
    Mephistopheles has found a way in.

  7. Tailored Gentleman

    He sold his shoe sole to the devil man jeez

  8. Pause at 6:55 the player is Mephistopheles the shadow on the door looks the
    same as the shadow behind the neighbor. The player is Mephistopheles.

  9. The number 666 is on the SOLE of his feet. SOLE = SOUL. Now that’s clever!

  10. What about the Golden Apple? In Alpha 3 You find a key behind a painting of
    a golden apple? And that golden apple is I think the Fruit of Eden, The
    fruit forbid by God in the Bible in the Creation Story (Genesis). And the
    key, in the creation story, the devil takes the form of a snake
    (Transformation as Gaijin said…) and tempts Eve, who then goes onto
    giving it to Adam. He told them that the fruit was the KEY to godly wisdom
    of what is good and bad. And what is the story of Faust? a man wanting
    godly wisdom. And knowing that this game was inspired by Faust that means
    that the Neighbour was Adam, he was the foolish one (metaphorically). The
    neighbour took a (metaphorical) bite from the apple and lost his goodwill.
    And having such wisdom would certainly make someone paranoid, Just as the
    neighbour is..

  11. I think the Neighbor is the demon, and you are trying to get your family

  12. OMFG i come from germany and find it sooooo funny how you guys from
    england/america/australia etc. call famous german people XD

  13. what if you, the player. is mephostopholes

  14. Loads of people disappointed because this guy isn’t MatPat you know what I
    say to that I say give this guy some credit he makes his own vids and helps
    edits MatPat’s along with other people as well and has his own channel as
    well and uses precise cultural data

  15. Now i know no one will see this but someone mentioned what if the character
    you are playing is Mephistopheles but then someone replied, “Can’t be
    Mephistopheles can’t open doors on its own but must always be let in, what
    is mentioned right after the poodle revelation.” What if you are working
    with Mephistopheles or something in that sort of way and you are actually
    opening the doors for him which allows Mephistopheles to get to the child
    and baby and do whatever he wants to do. Like I said this probably won’t be
    found but im making this comment just in case someone does find it knowing
    one person at least found it but who knows, this comment could be lost
    forever <3

  16. I got an ad for an organic protein shake and it was really funny so I had
    to mention it

  17. what if you play as Mephistopheles

  18. “666 his sole is damned”. I see what you did there ;)

  19. ‘Member when Gajin used to be a goomba?

  20. This is why I love Gaijin Goomba. Short, Sweet, Factual, and no analysis of
    emoji culture

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