The Switch OLED & How Rumors Lead To Self-Trolling (The Jimquisition)

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Nintendo announced the Switch OLED to a chorus of angry boos this past week, even though technically Nintendo didn’t do anything wrong. It promised no upgrades, hyped no announcements. That didn’t matter after weeks of rumors though.

So let’s talk about the Switch OLED, the hype that was built up around it, how Nintendo fans trolled themselves again.


  1. I’m actually planning on getting some badges from the Jimporium!

  2. Eyyyyyyyyy JimSteph Sterling! You make Mondays better

  3. The OLED Switch is honestly such a Nintendo thing to do, people hyped themselves up so much over hardly anything.

  4. This isn’t just a Nintendo problem, it’s a problem with fans in general. I see people hype themselves up massively based of very little information and then act like they were let down when in reality no promises were made from the side of the devs.

  5. My boyfriend isn’t anything like Ralph, he only makes unrealistic noises.

  6. The Gamers™ have disappointed themselves yet again, and only have themselves to blame.

    Those articles doing a complete 180 after the announcement made me laugh, though

  7. “Stop expecting Nintendo to not be Nintendo!” about hits the nail on the head. Thank god for you.

  8. Michelle D'israeli

    The way people form parasocial relationships with companies is really quite something o.O

  9. I think this was the right length video for the topic to be honest.

  10. Remember kids! Every purchase made on the Jimporium goes directly into the used 80s toy market!

  11. And yet, no one’s gonna screech about “journalistic integrity” this time. Gamers ©

  12. “the company’s weird and does weird things…” is a fantastic quote and you should be proud of that one in particular.

  13. Jim is in a constant state of: “why are you booing!? I’m right!” And then when people try to fight back the logic, they get burned by the industry and Pikachu wow face..

  14. Slap an OLED display on that wooden fish and I will buy it.

  15. Tenacious Rodent

    Basically: Don’t be a fan. Be an enjoyer.

  16. Don’t forget that it’s cAAApitalism that incentivizes those reporters to put out something that’ll drum up as much ad revenue as quickly as possible, regardless of how ill-researched it is.

  17. The “world’s only real Nintendo fan” has spoken!

  18. Justinius Justinius

    I’m glad that I no longer following gaming “news”. You really get some perspective on how fucking childish the whole scene is when you step back for a few months.

  19. On a meta level though, it’s quite gratifying to see people punishing themselves for their own lack of media literacy and critical thinking.

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