The Stunning Cruelty Of Raven Software’s Layoffs (The Jimquisition)

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Activision Blizzard isn’t going to let a massive scandal over its work culture get in the way of some good old fashioned layoffs, and it won’t let human decency get in the way of making those layoffs cruel as possible.

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  1. Bobby Kotick did what he does best: laying off employees to line his pockets. Controversy or no, Bobby will keep doing this shit.

  2. I still think Commander Sterling’s catchphrase of “you terrestrial pedestrians” is brilliant.

  3. I’ll keep saying it, QAs are always the first to go because they know first hand how little is actually getting done. I’ve seen entire QA departments in Nashville laid off because they wouldn’t approve a release.

  4. Joan Marie Arroyo Alcon

    “The cruelty is the point” never said better!

  5. You lay them off because they’ve been burnt out from the crunch. Then you hire fresh faces, abuse them, exploit them, and repeat the cycle.

  6. Evangelos Magoulianos

    Never stop reporting on the industry’s bullshit. Your Jimquisitions made me a better consumer. Been subscribed to you since I was in middle school which was over 10 years now. Thank you Jim/Stephanie

  7. Raven Software made one of my favorite games of all time, Jedi Academy (and Jedi Outcast as well.) I still remember modding jedi academy multiplayer with the JA+ mods, and playing with my clan day after day. Then learning modding, skinning, mapping, etc… Raven Software was such a great inspiration in my past even if I never became a game developer. But all those awesome memories with friends on Jedi Academy, with custom maps exploring the secrets… I’ll always hold them dearly. Was hoping Raven would never go away, but of course the corporate monster swallows all to regurgitate less than nothing. Thanks for ruining something else I love ActiBlizzard, karma can’t catch up quickly enough.

  8. The QA department is probably one of the most important departments in the industry. And right before Christmas too? Nice job scumbag Activision.

  9. “Legally distinct. The best kind of distinct”

    -Matt McMuscles

  10. As exhausting and awful as all of this truly is, I remain grateful that you keep covering it, Steph. Thank you.

  11. “The cruelty is the point” yeah, 100%. I don’t think it’s unconnected to the scandal, I think it’s entirely connected. What better way to send a message of “we’re in charge and don’t you dare forget it, don’t you dare challenge us, because we can crush you, and it won’t even necessarily be because you stand up to us, we might just crush you because we can.” It’s an effective tyrant’s method of keeping people in line, if you’re so scared of being arbitrarily punished for nothing then best keep your head down… For a while. I also feel like Activision might be over playing their hand, and that the staff might just be being pushed into a position of having nothing left to lose. If you might lose your job over literally nothing, why not stand and fight with your colleagues who are already fighting over something?

  12. Rosemary Domingues

    first of all, shirt – yes. i haven’t popped in for a minute – (looking stunning, btw) but i have always admired your dedication to bringing these kinds of issues more attention. games have been a part of my identity for as far back as i remember, and it bums me out that a certain demographic within the community sees any criticism around ethics as a betrayal and a call to war. we all deserve better.

  13. “You talk about Activision-Blizzard’s abuse too much!”

    Don’t you think Activision-Blizzard maybe performed abuse too much?

  14. Bobby Kotick has such a slappable face, we need Vasily Kamotsky

  15. Blizzard activisions net income (after taxes, and all expenses for running their business/paying their employees/upkeep, everything) is 2.2 billion.
    Their employees presently there (on wiki) is 9,500.

    Let’s just say they decide to put aside 1 billion of that income for future projects, and for those few assholes getting a mill bonus, leaving 1.2 billion left to their net income.

    Keep in mind, they have *already* paid their workers too, so…
    This leaves: 126k per employee a year, if they wanted to double their staff and pay them a very comfortable wage. (about 60 bucks an hour)

    and yet they are still are laying people off. **that** is why this is disgusting.

  16. To anyone who might complain about another video about Activision:
    Maybe if Activision stopped doing the abuse could stop talking about Activision doing the abuse.
    Just a thought.

    Don’t defend companies because they obviously won’t defend you.

  17. Singularity was a massively underrated game. Such a shame that Raven was basically a Call of Duty DLC map maker after that because it didn’t sell well.

  18. To anyone defending Activision because you love their games: the people who made those games are the ones being abused and left without a job while execs whose decisions only hurt the games quality are the ones getting your money in the end.

  19. Stephanie, don’t forget: in America, if you don’t work, you generally also don’t have healthcare coverage because insurance is paid for by employers here.

    Yes, they hold your health hostage. That’s not just the implication, that’s the reality, and many companies use its termination as a threat.

  20. “Cruelty is the point” is spot on. Corporations are about power. One of the most effective ways of demonstrating that power is belittling and humiliating people the corporation has power over. This shows “strength”. It always seems popular with corporate boards and is probably one of the reasons the boards so vehemently defend upper management when they perform these acts of cruelty.

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