The State Of Sterling #4

Today we’re talking about merchandise woes, circulating the tapes in the face of YouTube’s behavior, Jimpressions changes, and using Patreon as an Ask replacement.


  1. Well, good afternoon Sir

  2. Here’s a TV that looks like a Jim Sterling.

  3. Excuse The Accent

    well thats one way to start a video

  4. Well thats some bad Merch if Ive ever seen one.

  5. You shouldn’t lose your job for calling some1 an ARSEhat.

  6. Yeah, Sharkrobot is pretty bad. You should try to get partnered with the Yetee. Their stuff is pretty good.

  7. So… how long until the Jimquisition makes the jump to PornHub?

  8. RedBubble do good stuff.

  9. Isaac The Fallen Apple

    Jim, if you ever decide to leave YouTube, I’ll follow you to the end of the world.

  10. Youtube University

    How long until Youtube takes away subscriptions…?

  11. The fact you didn’t take those small shields with you after drinking the large one bothered me more than it should have.

  12. So this channel has a microtransactions. Bye

  13. You are making due, but Youtube is making doo

  14. The way you say “merchandise” makes my pants explode

  15. If you make a new channel dedicated to wrestling and Sterdust, you should call it Wrestling In The Sters. Or WITS for short. You could talk about a new match of WITS and people not in the know would think you’re crazy. Well, more than usual.

  16. Like you said, YouTube is actively trying to BURY you, me and other creators in favour of a handful of ultra-successful mansion-inhabiting wank tanks.

  17. boglinwatch?

  18. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    I need more Sterdust content.

  19. YouTube seems to have decided that it wants to be TV 2.0, a nice safe place for advertisers, full of “family-friendly” content. I wonder how long it’ll be before only “approved” content creators are permitted to upload videos?

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