The State Of Sterling #2

Time for another round of updates and gibberish from your ol’ pal Jim Sterling!


  1. Not an Itchio tasty, but I’ll take it!

  2. Nice, usually we have to suffer through a terrible game to get “story time with Uncle Jimbo”

  3. Holy shit, 360p squad!

  4. ugh 360p
    What’s happened to Jim Sterling?


  6. Oh gosh don’t think I’ve ever made it to a Sterling video with likes still in the double digits O_O 360p! Oh my!

  7. Uncle Jim Jim touched me, but I liked it.


  9. I wish I could find a proper way to watch Sterdust

  10. I love for this to be referred to as “story time with uncle Jim Jim”

  11. I cannot COUNT the number of times I’ve needed an officially-licensed Halloween 3 pumpkin mask and not had one. Life is tough.

  12. Love your stuff fellow Brit! May not agree with everything you say but I respect that you are honest and don’t hold back

    Thank God for Jim

  13. Back in my day 360p was HD

  14. Tax season? Is that why you bring up all of those unused props, so that you can write them off as business expenses? 😛

  15. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    360p? What is this? I subscribed for quality, not for this shit! Unsubscribed!

  16. Yay 360p! Good job youtube. Decent rambling video.

    As a side note. I’ve been seeing a lot of people complain about subscriptions not working correctly and not getting notifications about new videos and such. I wanted to add a recommendation for a web site called “youtube videodeck”. Google it. THIS POST IS NOT AN AD! I just wanted to share a tool that I personally use and that makes it easy for me to see new videos from my favorite creators.

    I’ve been using it for years and it has never failed to show me a new episode. Think of it as tweetdeck for youtube. Easy to add all your subscriptions, scroll through them, hide watched videos and other features. It has notifications feature as well but I don’t use it because I have like 170 subscribed channels and will get flooded with notifications. Try it and see all the new videos right away. Stop relying on google algorithm!

  17. Oh, Jim, looking forward to that book! Thanks for doing amazing work for us.

  18. Wait. You don’t want your game to be cringy? Have you seen your character bits?! I thought that was your thing. That’s part of the reason I enjoy your content.

    I’m thinking maybe you mean “cringy” in another way. Sterdust is the good kind of cringy.

  19. UnChosen Scholar

    America is a continent not a country.

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