The Slaughtering Grounds: A Steam Meltdown Saga (The Jimquisition)

In this special edition extended cut (like Star Wars!), we detail long and bizarre story of ImminentUprising, and how lost its mind due a first-impressions video of its awful game, The Slaughtering Grounds.


  1. You have to be grateful for at lease one thing

    They bestowed upon you the greatest catchphrase ever XD

  2. are you SURE that calling SG a failure didn’t result in its downfall?
    1985: Jim Sterling expresses mild displeasure with New Coke. New Coke goes on to become one of the worst disasters in its company’s history.
    2002: Jim Sterling says that Friendster is “Not for me”. Friendster soon goes into bankruptcy.
    2014: Jim Sterling calls Slaughtering Grounds an absolute failure, Imminent Uprising crashes and burns.
    You see, when someone says “the hand of the free market”, they aren’t referring to an aetherial concept of economics, but instead are referring to Jim Sterling’s literal hands.

  3. In this world of Steam indie developers losing their shit over mild criticism, it feels good to think about Scott Cawthon. Who’s Scott Cawthon? Mr. Cawthon is a young indie developer who made games like CHRISTIAN: THE VIDEO GAME, A CHRISTMAS JOURNEY, and NOAH’S ARK. Mostly Christian games that…didn’t look too pleasing to the eyes. Many people criticized the games, specifically their characters, for looking like creepy animatronics. Jim himself even did a review of a Steam Greenlight trailer for a game in which you play as a beaver running some kind of wood company. And he himself said it was creepy as shit. 

    So what did Scott do in the face of all this criticism? Surely he banned everyone who said his games looked creepy. Of course he must of had a meltdown over Jim’s video and tried to copyright claim it off the internet. No. He did none of those things. Instead he thought about what people said about creepy animatronics. And decided to make a game in which creepy animal robots were the entire focus. That game was of course, Five Nights at Freddy’s. The reason I love his story so much is that instead of doing what every Steam indie dev seems to do, he actually USED the criticism to his advantage. Because believe it or not, people, THAT’S WHAT CRITICISM IS FOR. People criticize you to HELP YOU IMPROVE. Thank God for Scott Cawthon. And thank God for Jim. Because reasons.

  4. this is a review…
    of a review…
    of a REVIEW…
    OF A RE…



  5. And now they are trying to sue you for 10 million dollars. LMFAOOOOOO

  6. 4:20 Funny how he calls Jim an idiot, but uses ‘your’.

  7. And now he is sued for 10 MILLION dollars… I think he has a defense.

  8. A small loan of 10 million dollars

  9. In all honesty, i would have bought this game 1,000,000 times (for me and my 999,999 friends) but after seeing your review i decided not to. So in all fairness, you do owe them the 10 mil.

  10. Hire the most expensive lawyer you can find and counter-sue for legal fees.

  11. I’m warm and fuzzy that this video is still up, and I fully hope the devs of this game go bankrupt.

  12. I want cameras in the court room live streaming the entire case. A nice drink, some popcorn…

  13. The irony is you could have gotten the review the reviewer video taken down for actual copyright. I don’t think pasting text over a video counts as transformative

  14. Amethyna The Zombie Worgen

    Also, I like how Digital Homicide said that Jim Sterling offers nothing to gaming community cause he is a reviewer. Why do so many of these crap devs assume that the gaming community has to be nothing but developers? Reviewers, consumers, and even casuals all play a vital role in the gaming community. It works like this, Developers make games and people play them but people have trust issues, so reviewers like Jim here, make it known if a game is crap or not. Which if it is good? People will spend their money on it, funding developers who actually have passion in gaming and not investing their hard earned cash on a scammer who don’t give two squirts of piss about the final product and- at the end of the day, don’t give a donkey flipping fuck if it is worse then a bowl of sick on a cold winter morning that it is a terrible game! Consumer’s are the legs of this whole community, we have the power of CASH to make or break developers and it falls onto them if they want to make a good product to earn it, and make a wonderful fan base and community for their games. OR make a terrible product that may get them a few quick bucks but earn themselves infamy with scorn and spite. Jim Sterling offers just as much to the gaming community as a developer would. He and so many other critics and reviewers help us support and sort out the good developers from the crap ones.

  15. Imminent Uprising: How NOT to be a game developer.

  16. Update: Digital Homicide tried to sue 100 Steam users for leaving negative reviews for their games, but all that happened was their games and community hubs being wiped from Steam altogether! Digital Homicide has been vanquished!

  17. I’m going to pirate the game just so I can delete it.

  18. 2 million views later the company gets kicked from Steam along with all their products after attempting to sue 100 Steam users for 18 million dollars on top of currently suing Jim for 10 million dollars. Truly a ridiculous series of events.


  20. Aaaand they’re gone

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