The Sims™ 4 Tiny Living: Official Trailer

Think big, build small with The Sims™ 4 Tiny Living Stuff Pack*! Create the tiny, comfy home of your Sims’ dreams using space-saving furniture and a new residential lot type for small builds. Cozy up by dressing your Sims in stylish attire and oversized cashmere sweaters.

Available January 21, 2020, on PC and Mac and February 4, 2020, for Xbox One and PlayStation®4.

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  1. Literally bunk beds, sofa beds, spiral staircases, and ladders would fit SO well with this pack

  2. Yes keep making dlc soon Jim will take over and there will be many deaths

  3. can we just have a baby update ??‍♀️

    • @Gaming with keishawn this is no indie game. i can assure you ea could make it happen if they wanted to. modders are making better packs at this point

    • @viper well it’s sad to realize that even big companies might have its own “lack” and “hole” ; this might be the challenge because they grew too big and the leaders were not capable to handle all of it correctly, or it might also because of EA’s top management that starting to loose control

    • @Gaming with keishawn be grateful? LMAO

    • It’s been 6 years just give up, I’m waiting for the Sims 5 to fix it all at this point ?

  4. Fans: We want an accesory pack with more clothes and….
    EA: TiNy hOuSeS

    • You know, you could easily create those things with sims4studio. I make cc myself and put it on sims resource. Instead of complaining, I did something about it ??

    • @drew dolce oogabooga oogabooga ^^ maybe some people don’t want downloaded crap in their game, most CC sucks, because it’s not as good quality-wise as stuff in the game, it’s unnecessary trash on your PC and can lead to problems. So stop that comment up yo *** <3

    • @drew dolce Yeah none of my sims wear their clothing anymore after I found cc! I love it.

    • @drew dolce You know that The Sims company is doing it bad when their fans have to create their own content xD

    • Nini This is true, some CC is much better quality then EA gives us.

      I only use maxis-match CC and there are truly some creators that put Official EA creators to shame. Both for CAS and build/buy.

      Of course there is a lot of inferior CC too, but it’s free, so theoretically the stuff we pay for should be better! And yet, this is not always true.

  5. I’d like to play but I cant take anymore reverse mortgages out on my house to afford anymore stuff for the sims

  6. Simmers: patiently waited for something game changing.

    EA: you get robbed, you get robbed, you over there get robbed, everybody gets robbed?

    • RUSH In i really want this pack though. its not like it’s something like my first pet stuff. some people actually want it.

    • @Olisaw
      That’s completely fine if you want it, and I am glad for you; but I’m talking about all the people who didn’t ask for exclusively this, or would have liked it if something else were to come with it.
      It isn’t fair for the ones who have no other choice but either to get it or sit out; this is never a good thing for consumers and definitely not good game design.

      And because people keep brushing this practice under the rug by saying “don’t like don’t buy” things will NEVER change for the Sims.

    • Because you idiots keep buying it!

    • Joey Muffaluffagus

      @Olisaw umm do you play the vanilla game or something? Because if you mod, it’s basically a requirement (or ideal) to have every update.

    • oprah but evil

  7. I can HEAR james turner’s breathing get heavier after seeing this

  8. I get anxiety when my sims are on the top level of their house and they have to go to work in an hour and that house at 0:22 gave me war flashbacks

  9. Imagine this as your playing sims

    *Click on family tree*
    Kid: how did dad die
    *mouse hovers over dad*
    *reads out loud the death*
    “Death by bed”!

  10. How much you wanna bet that this cost mone-

    EA: *yes.*

  11. Those”tiny” houses are bigger than my apartment!

  12. Those “tiny homes” are really just starter homes

    sims team: I got something better. Hold my plumbob.

  14. Customers : Can we have cars ?

    Sims: Tiny homes?

    Customers: What? No-

    Sims: Tiny homes!!!!!!

  15. Everyone: I can’t wait for Ladders to come out, so I make a Tiny House with Lofts

    The Sims: …..

    • @Moriah Nash I know what you mean. It’s so hard to redesign a whole layout just to add a staircase. I would hope if they would at least some stair cases with storage cubbes/draws in them so that theirs a more multifunctional purpose. But maybe they add a multifunctional furniture expansion that adds ladders and foldable stairs.

    • This actually should be a no-brainer for the developers considering we already have ladders they use to get in and out of the water. The programming is already there. Whoever is in charge of these types of decisions is really pushing some of us Simmers to throw up our hands and say screw this game. Sorry just being honest.

    • @Karen LaFrance It’s not like I hate the new Extension or the game it’s self. But there’s always going to be negotiate critisim. I just wanted to discuss the idea of adding ladders for lofts, separate from pool ladders. And besides it would be nice to have multifunctional furniture such as ladders to ue outside and inside, stairs with storing underneath, and or outher interesting was of space saving. I enjoy the fact that the development team listen to use when we asked for more beds tiles and give options for different expansion pack ideas. The Arts and crafts expansion pack ideas for example, they gave Simers different room designs, outfits, and objects to choose what they wanted or aspects they wanted from each concept.

    • Loroline my main point is that the programming is already there but they choose not to create. One can’t help but wonder why. Most of the comments in response to this pack are of that nature.

    • @Karen LaFrance That’s understandable, but maybe they just want to make sure that when they do add ladders, they won’t have to worry about bugs or backlash if they make a mistake. But that’s just an idea.

  16. I wish they would make The Sims 4 like The Sims 3 meaning their personality traits and more of the social interactions

  17. Desmond the Moon Bear;

    “How… did.. I get here…”

  18. “So this stuff pack will cost less beause the items are smaller right?” ?

    EA: (laughs in $$$)

  19. How was this necessary? Everyone’s been creating tiny houses for ages without this.

  20. And here’s another “this should’ve been in the base game.”

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