The Seven Deadly Sins (The Jimquisition)

The valiant knight Sir Jim Sterling has ventured into Hell to find his lost love, and takes some time to discuss the “Seven Deadly Sins” and their AAA Publisher Personifications.

What publisher is the greediest? Which one is the most gluttonous? Honestly, most of them work for every category, but that wouldn’t make for much of a video.


  1. After a hard day of work and getting out late.. A jimquisition comes out and makes the morning better. Thanks!

  2. _anyone got a bible? I have some divinity to beat into some AAA executives._

  3. At this point it’s a pissing contest to piss on consumers

  4. Urosh Uchiha Novakovic

    I’m the 3rd viewer! Half Life 3 confirmed

  5. Rider Wolf Seeker

    For a second there I thought Jim Sterling would be taking about an anime called Seven deadly sins.

  6. Triple A companies like you belong on a cross

  7. Early to bed, early to catch the worm.

    Or is it the Jimquisition?

  8. Careful with that Hyrule shield, Jim. It might shatter after three hits.

  9. ClemmyGames - The Best Of Indie Games

    5:25 I’m doing my part to help indie devs!

  10. Feels like EA should have that gluttony slot.

    Like how they endlessly consume good dev studios and shut them down.

  11. Activision Blizzard are so greedy… they lost not 1, but 2 Chief Financial Officers in the same week… how is that? A company so greedy, the people that count the greed profits (and ruthlessly cut costs) lost their chief greed officers, cause they were too greedy to stay, and got a better offer somewhere greedier.

  12. Retro Game Players

    Greed is a powerful thing, and so is Totinos Pizza

  13. Envy could’ve definitely been the PUBG guys. Their hate boner for Fortnite is legendary.

  14. Julius Bryan Mangubat

    The original big chungus.

  15. Escanor would be proud, praise the sun! ☀️

  16. Today I learn there are at least 7 youtube accounts that have notifications for Jim Sterling on so they can just go and downvote. I mean, why else has somebody already downvoted a video that hasn’t been up for barley 20 mins?

  17. ClemmyGames - The Best Of Indie Games

    I miss the after credits bits

  18. This is why we need to write good comments!
    They could become our own episodes!! 🤩

  19. I vote Bethesda as the worst publisher out there.
    At least EA and Activision makes sure their lazy cash grabs work before launch.
    Has Bethesda ever done that?
    And they have the audacity to shove predatory microtransactions in a barely working product?

  20. Gotta give it to DoctorWeevil, Lust does fit Rockstar pretty well.

    Their fascination with horse testicles is quite uncanny.

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