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Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos:

#scp #horrorgaming #scary #funny


  1. As soon as you blink he got bodied🤣

  2. We need tabs

  3. SCP Scientist: Ok d-classlirous
    you are to play with SCP-999 take good care of our tickle monster

    Delirious: *neutralizes SCP-999* um…

    SCP Scientist: 😧

  4. Finally I beat this game so many times it’s halarious with friends

  5. Hey delirious, I’ve been wondering, have you thought about playing the silent hill games? I know you played the PT demo, but the older silent hill games are pretty freaky and I think you’d enjoy em :3

  6. Delirious you should play dishonored baby lirious needs you I think you would enjoy playing as you can play how you want stealth or just go strait for mayhem it would be great if you took a look into it

  7. I was tricked by the thumbnail. Thought it was Vanoss.

  8. You two are fucking amazing

  9. Who is he playing with?

  10. Delirious playing SCP games,this should be interesting

  11. H20 if you wanna TIPS and LORE HISTORY just type Down in my comment and say “TIPPINS”

  12. Play SCP Sl 🎉❤

  13. 8:58 I knew what was gonna happen and it made me laugh so much when it did.

  14. Connor Clandfield

    2mins in and delirious breaks it

  15. YO H20 do you talk to lui still has he talked about coming back at all?

  16. Play ghost watchers

  17. wow this is buggy

  18. U have to trick the tesla gate to get through

  19. Finally The Vanosscrew is playing SCP hahaha, it’s better than backrooms for sure, heck it came before backrooms, not only is it legit good with gameplay and lore etc, but also has originality. I hope to see more SCP related content from the Vanosscrew haha 😂👌

  20. Delirious you gotta get the Vanoss Crew to hop on this game with ya. Seeing you and daucky has to be the funniest experience to watch😂

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