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I wasn't expecting that intro…

Use my Epic Games Creator Code *H2ODelirious*

Friends in the Video:
@DeadSquirrel @daukey @Scratty

🎵 Outro song SpacemanChaos:

#devour #devourgameplay #H2ODelirious #h20delirious #delirious


  1. I miss this game

  2. This is my main account I love you delirious your the best YouTuber In the world too me I’ve been watching you since I was 10 and now I’m 15 you mean so much too me your like a father figure too me I love and your videos so much but I mainly love you for you man you are the best of the all snoop dogg could never I love you man stay safe goodnight and GOODBYEE.

  3. at 14:41 you literally sound like huggy wuggy about to attack lmfao

  4. Try ark again on official smalls servers

  5. Can you play gears 5 horde mode

  6. I had recommended it to cartoons a while back

  7. 3:03 Lol, gotta love Delirious’ biggest lie: “Carefull Scratty, I am a horror survivalist”… 5:41 Delirious is the first to go down, lol.
    Love it when Delirious plays these games

  8. Who is daukey and scratty?

  9. the only way to beat this one is to go around the map and collect all the gas jugs and med kits and put them in the room where you have to sacrifice the pigs and then everyone hunts for pigs

  10. thanh xuan nguyen


  11. Game name?

  12. I guess he hasn’t played minecraft before

  13. I deadass thought Delirious was finna play a horror simulator if EDP445 with that thumbnail

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