The R-rated Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail was a great game — but there were some things they couldn’t teach kids. is the bloody, sexy, drunken trail.

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all loved The Oregon Trail as kids — and the gameplay was pretty accurate. But there were a few things about pioneer life that weren’t fit for that precious hour in the computer room.

Some images in this video come from Shutterstock:
You play the game here:

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  1. these fucking non skippable are getting longer and longer

  2. The Anonymous Sexual Redditor

    Am I the only one that really liked this video?

  3. When this popped up on my subscriptions, i thought it was from college

  4. Love the pixel animation in this. Especially the kid getting his head

  5. Random Fact Guy is here

    A wheelchair designed for people in rural areas uses two levers that can
    increase power or increase speed depending on where they are grabbed.


  6. They need to remake this game.

  7. wow! the hot-boiling-water-on-the-penis challenge kinda of makes our ice
    bucket or cinnamon or [insert-latest] challenge look like a joke

  8. Ricardo Espinoza

    Nice sound effects. Looks like someone was inspired by the “History of
    Japan” video…

  9. The past was fucking horrible.

  10. You’d make the Organ Trail.

  11. Am I the only one who found this kind of amusing?

  12. The VSO Gun Channel

    I used to rush through my typing lessons to be able to play this game with
    the remainder of the period. Loved this video

  13. All in all life not too long ago was pretty shit. I’m glad to be alive now.

  14. The Flaming Sword

    I thought the prostitution thing would be called an ‘Oregasm’

    Ba dum tishhhhh

  15. You copied the guy who made, history of Japan…. I’m not dumb

  16. It would actually be ‘M-Rated’ for games.

  17. The R-egon trail.

  18. Guys, they made this in honor of T.U.G.S., relax.

  19. seems like Oregon hasn’t changed since the 1800’s

  20. I think you guys are making videos just to make videos. Lame.

  21. Xavier “¡GUAUMENTE!” Fuentes


  22. The parties were wild

  23. I thought this was a Dorkly video

  24. The good old days when life was simpler.

  25. Shouldn’t it be M rated?

  26. damn i miss playing that game at school in the early 90s.. apple 2e.. or
    lisa… 33mhz epic!

  27. Emilys KawaiiDelights

    The sound effects made me scared about my headphones were broken again..

  28. ?? so confused ??

  29. Color graphics??? What sort of witchcraft is this?

    It’s green monochrome for the real pioneers.

  30. Was this really a game

  31. i literially played that game in the 6th grade

  32. this was a nostalgic and pedagogical masterpiece

  33. Do an R rated version of Zork

  34. It’s not all Dysentery and Hookers!

  35. More like m rated

  36. OMG!!! Me and my friends played this game in school and we beat it first
    try…. We got candy!

  37. 1:20 Maggot treatment for gangrene is a good technique and is even used in
    modern times.

  38. Rip puppies

  39. mmmmm organ trail

  40. Megabraincrafter


  41. I’ve never heard of this game..

  42. how did they ever survived? Stupidity is at its highest point!

  43. M-rated*

  44. You mean M rated

  45. Woa, holy fuck, I’m still not passing the exam.

  46. sounds like fun.

  47. Make some real videos please

  48. horses do well in water though…

  49. Thing is, leaving maggots on wounds actually works. Don’t be so quick to
    pass judgement.

  50. I was expecting a playthrough. Son, I am disappoint.

  51. Mankind Global Media Network

    Here in Oregon we established the Oregon Health Plan in order to take care
    of the kinds of problems detailed in this video. It keeps the dumb people
    from coming here and ruining too many things.

  52. Maggots in wounds was actually a pretty good treatment. They only eat the
    dead, rotting parts, or so I’ve heard.

  53. this is the best vox ever

  54. Not such a good attempt to look like bill wurtz’s history of Japan video

  55. Donnie Russell II

    There’s a bit of cherry picking in there.

  56. this video is unfunny reddit cancer and you should feel very bad

  57. Sarcastic High Schooler

    Don’t they mean M rated Oregon Trail

  58. I live in Independence, Mo. Every year we have SantaCaligon Days.

  59. RunningMadeSuperEasy

    When you talked about prescribing bacon, I was reminded of that old Rhett
    and Link “rub some bacon on it” song.

  60. What is the source “DARY”?

  61. crippling depression

    Do you mean M-Rated?

  62. man I haven’t played this since elementary school

  63. Organ trail.
    You are welcome.

  64. I hate this new money commercial no skip button

  65. OT… One of the few Apple 2 games that would have been a hit on the

  66. This makes me so wet

  67. I enjoy me some Vox!

  68. this is americas ancestors people now you know why trump is a thing

  69. verge and old apple pc ? clichè.

  70. 1000th like!!!

  71. This whole thing was shit not 1 ounce of evidence some of it actually
    happened but a lot of this was rare

  72. There’s a show on amc called hell on wheels

  73. This is literally the most random subject you could name a video on

  74. This is Fish Center Live

  75. white people Fucked up everything!

  76. Shouldn’t the video be call “The M-rated Oregon Trail”?

  77. XD

  78. You know, food cooked over dung isn’t bad, its actually very good.
    Dung-smoked lamb is at least very good. As is dung smoked beer :D.

  79. 卧槽。

  80. Rudy died of typhoid. Jeff died of cholera. Shit! Time to caulk the wagon a
    float this motha my damn self!

  81. Owww…my childhood!

  82. M-Rated*

  83. Krishna Yanamandra

    Cooking with dung is still not that uncommon in many parts of the world.
    It’s really not that nasty because it ends up burning relatively cleanly
    with no “poop” smell. The buffalo just ate grass, not all the shit we eat
    so their excrement is a great fuel.

  84. Few YT watchers actually played the Oregon Trail. It’s just too old now.

  85. Gabe Worthington

    Rub some bacon on it

  86. As soon as it said people had dumb accidents, an error occurred and i
    laughed for 5 minutes

  87. Natural selection.

  88. This was my childhood. I want to go play it again.

  89. So . . . can I get this game?

  90. Without the Oregon trail there would be no Silicon Valley. You’re welcome,

  91. Trolling you bro

    eat puppies got it

  92. For all of us who aren’t pussies who work for something internet related,
    this ain’t shocking at all.

    Meat eating, death, sex, accidents. Those first world problems have made
    you soft.

  93. BernieForGeneralSecOfCommunistPartyOfUSA2016

    Thought this was going to be about refugees

  94. Traveling the Oregon Trail with no Wifi………hahah nope.

  95. HexManiacMaylein

    they still use maggots in some cases like for burn victims to get rid of
    dead flesh. Also Why did you use a more complex looking German locomotive
    and not a period accurate American standard 4-4-0 locomotive which its
    really easy to find pictures of.

  96. Ben “BluudLust” NoLastNameGiven

    didn’t mention dysentery

  97. We only had bright green colored characters on a black screen when I was in
    grade school. That color version looks a lot better.

  98. TheDerpySteve plays

    Whiskey and bacon for a cold? Sign me up

  99. As a kid who grew up this game, I always wonder if anyone ever made it to
    Oregon? The game is freaking hard, keeping people alive that you need and
    keeping food to survive, ugh

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